Friday 160902

Take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy clean

Then, 3 x max effort set hang clean @ 60% of today’s heaviest
Rest 3 minutes between efforts

Post load to comments or BTWB


I posted this video because there is a great online competition starting called the CrossFit Team Series!! If you have never done a competition before, an online competition is a great way to start, especially if there are several other teams from you gym doing it; it is a safe environment along with familiar faces and equipment.  Last year we had 5 teams competing and we would meet every week and do the workouts side by side.  I would like to invite you and three of your CrossFit friends to join this competition and workout out with my team: A LITTLE MORE SHOW THAN GO (Anna M, Courtney S, Nate R, and Zink).  Follow this link to sign you and your team up and workouts start next week.  Here are some details straight from the website:

The Team Series tests the fitness of four-person teams, two men and two women.

It starts Sept. 6, with the release of multiple team workouts. Teams will have six days to get together, complete the work, and submit their scores before the deadline: 5 p.m. PT, Sept. 12. Less than a month later, CrossFit will release the final set of team workouts, which will take place Oct. 4-10.

Teams will be able to choose between two versions of each workout: Rx’d or Scaled.

There will be three divisions: Open (all ages), Teenage (14-17) and Masters (40+).

Registration is $80 for the vast majority of teams.

Shout out in comments if you plan on competing!


#1 – Keep nice with the neighbors.  Just a friendly reminder to NOT park in front of the welding shop in the driveways pictured below, they can’t get in or out.

Please steer clear of this driveway

Please steer clear of this driveway

Please don't park here either.

Please don’t park here either.

#2 – We will have an abbreviated schedule Labor day.  Group classes will be at 9am and 11:30am and Open Gym will be from 10am – 11:30am.

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