Friday 161111

Everyday Warrior Battle Series workout #3
In 15 minutes establish a 1RM
Clean & jerk

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Emily getting under some big Split Jerk weight!

Emily getting under some big Split Jerk weight!



Today, we max out two great lifts.  As coaches, we often give you recommendations for weight jumps, but there is soooo much more to successfully hitting your lifts.  Here is a great article from Barbell Shrugged (see full article here) about how to prepare both physically and mentally!! Have fun today and go for broke.

Getting wet

I don’t care how you feel. Before you start lifting you must get lubed up and sweat. A simple dynamic warm-up will help you be flexible, stable, and in good position for your all of your attempts.  Start with a few minutes of light cycling, rowing, agility or jump rope work to elevate your body temperature and rouse yourself.
Pro tip: Don’t get TOO warm! Aside from not warming up at all, the other big mistake you might make is doing too much. Remember, once you’re greasy and ready, you’re ready to lift. 

Positive vibes only

So much of a heavy lifting is mental. You MUST create an inspiring, supportive, motivating environment if you want to make big lifts, it’s as simple as that. When communicating to yourself and others during big attempts, never dwell on what you shouldn’t do. The mistakes and obvious errors. This doesn’t do you any good. Instead, reinforce what SHOULD be done.
When you make an error or miss on the approach to maximum, shake it off quickly (because you must). Remind yourself that these are just warm-up attempts and light weights. Smile. Laugh. Think about the movement as you rest, then calmly retake your attempt. Focus only valuable, supportive, constructive correction.
And hey, if all else fails and you start stressing, just be happy that you’re not competing for North Korea! One bad snatch session there might buy you a one-way ticket to a labor camp.  No, you’re in the gym to have a good time, first and foremost. So keep that in mind.

Fork in the road

After 90%, you’ll have to start adding load in smaller increments. You’ll also need to rest and focus more, with more intent and purpose between attempts. At this point, the mental game is EVERYTHING!

I’ll share a little tip with you that I use with all of my lifters. I like to gauge confidence by asking some simple questions, but again, in a manner that inspires confidence. “You must have slept good last night, huh? You look fast as hell under the bar, and your footwork looks solid!”  I’ll use their response to that statement to feel out the next attempts. If they reply, “Fuck yeah, I feel fast!” then I’ve got all the information I need.
By now I’ve stopped telling them what is on the bar. An experienced lifter will know, but it’s not something that requires open discussion unless it’s super light and you are addressing a mistake. Once more, too much talk before the lift can have an unintended consequence. You have to remember that less is more and that confidence is the number one currency on the platform.



-WOD for Warriors is tomorrow, all classes. Please invite any and all Veterans you know, experiences or not to come and workout so we can show our appreciation and share some suffering!





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