Friday 161118

Everyday Warrior Workout #4a

For time:
9 Squat Clean, 195#(125#) (Brittany PR at #197)
28 Toes to bar
14 Thrusters, 135#(95#)
30 Calorie Row

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Brittany Gill.... No one fights alone.

Brittany Gill…. No one fights alone.

Today we do a workout named “Brittany”…….. – Anna Mattson

Today is a we are doing a workout named Brittany, named after Brittany Gill, half of the duo who started the Everyday Warrior foundation. We want to make sure you know a little about the person we are pushing ourselves for today.  The following was taken from the Everyday Warrior website.

Brittany chronicled much her journey via a blog that I HIGHLY encourage you to take a moment to read.  You can see her blog, MORE THAN HOPE, here.  Brittany’s blog is beautiful, eloquent, and honest. 


  • We will be doing Part 2 of this workout tomorrow
  • If you have time, please feel free to stop by the Turkey Challenge Saturday and Sunday to cheer on some Verve peeps
  • YOGA IS BACK this Sunday at 11am!!

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