Friday 161202

For max efforts
Run 800 Meters
At the 8:00 minute mark
In 5 minutes as many reps as possible of
Burpee box jump overs 24″(20″)
At the 16:00 minute mark
Run 800 Meters

Pre WOD skill work = muscle up transition into
Kipping dip

Post results to comments or BTWB


There are so many different mobility/flexibility/activation videos and guru’s out there; some of them work and some of them don’t.  I am going to now dedicate Friday’s to mobility!  The videos and articles will be from many different sources and my goal is you find things that work for you and that you can incorporate into your daily repertoire.

How to Prep Your Hips for Squatting | Ep. 92 | Movement Fix Monday by Dr. Ryan DeBell

This week I want to share with you a way I got about prepping my hips for squatting.

This is a 4-part sequence consisting of: rolling out, stretching internal/external hip rotation, prepping the adductors, and then locking it in.

I’d do the sequence as shown in the video for 5-8 minutes depending on feel. After that I would do some ramp up or warm up sets with the barbell before going in to working sets.

The 4-part sequence is:

  • Roll out the glutes and quads for 15-20 seconds each (lightly)
  • Hip internal/external rotation stretching (5-10 reps each leg each way)
  • 5 lateral lunges (or cossack squats) each direction
  • 5 slow and controlled goblet squats with a 3 second hold at the bottom in your best squat stance


  • Our 1st Annual Chili Cook Off is taking place Saturday! Even if you don’t cook chili, stop in and judge our creations from 1p – 3p.
  • There will be a Sprint class on Saturday at 9am!!!



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