Friday 170609

With a 4 minute running clock x 4 rounds:
10 DB thruster, 40#(25#)
60′ Handstand walk
200m DB weighted run, 40#(25#)

Post results to comments or BTWB

Craig finding his positive mental mindset to get through some pull-ups!

Craig finding his positive mental mindset to get through some pull-ups!


A one mile run apparently.  1600m is something that is working us into a tizzy!!  Well, for those of us competing tomorrow in the Cherry Creek Triple Threat, we are doing it whether we feel prepared or not.  The biggest impact we can make right no.  w on our mile time will be our mindset. The following is an article that has some great pointers on setting a proper mindset and pushing out the negative thoughts that may already be creeping into our heads.  You can see the full article here.  Please note, this article talks about a “long” run, for us that is 1 mile.

Keeping positive on your long run

In many of my marathons (or 1 mile runs), I have had the following thoughts.

  • Why am I doing this ?
  • I’m not going to be able to hold this speed – I feel wrecked?
  • Everyone else looks so comfortable – I feel like I’m fading?
  • Is that a pain in my knee, maybe it’s an injury?
  • Should I stop, walk for a few minute and get my breath back?
  • Maybe I haven’t trained enough, I’m going to hit the wall?
  • Here comes a hill, I wont be able to run up it, my legs are wrecked
  • Everyone is overtaking me – I’m not able for this
  • I hate running, I’m never signing up for anything else again

Sound familiar anyone? The thing is, I know myself, the more I think  like this, the more negative I become, the most I talk myself out of running, the heavier I feel and the more annoyed I get with myself for putting myself in this position. So  all round, it’s not the best place to be.

In terms of observation – it’s very easy to spot a runner who is in a negative mindset and one who is running with a positive mindset. Something as simple as their posture, the direction they are looking, and their head is down, the tension on their face, it all contributes to how the body (and the brain) is processing the run.

On the other hand, think of when a run is going well, the following thoughts are in your head:

  • I feel strong, no aches or pains
  • This is easier than I thought it would be
  • I’m overtaking people – they don’t seem as strong as me
  • I feel tall, confident and relaxed
  • I love running, this feels great
  • I think I can go faster – I’m going to make the end
  • Other people are struggling way more than me
  • The pace feels comfortable, the training is paying off

Suddenly you feel more positive, you lack the doubt and you believe that you can do it, and any negative thought is not even entertained. Your posture becomes taller, your body relaxes and running feels easier. Everything is easy when you have this positive mindset – so when a run is going good it’s easy to think of all this positive stuff. The trick is how we turn a run where we have a negative mindset into a positive one… This is the time when the positivity is needed – even if you don’t believe yourself!

 The body achieves what the mind believes… we say this all the time… so how we make the mind believe that we are feeling good…

Here are a few of the tips that I try myself:

 A Running Mantra : A mantra is a phrase that means something to you. That motivates you, pushes you on, and allows you to focus on being positive. For me I use the mantra – I run because I can.

Gratefulness: I try to remember how lucky I am to be in a position to be able to run and take part in such events, there are so many people who will never be in this position, so I should be grateful that I can be here at all, pull my head up high and take advantage of the fact I can actually be out here. We never know when our last run will be. So we should take advantage of the fact I can be out there, and take part. So many people have such health concerns, they would give anything to be in my shoes, I should make the most of the fact I can be out there.

It links in v closely to this quote: There will be a day when I can no longer do this – today is not that day.

Other people use different mantras – ‘one mile at a time ‘, ‘I can do it ‘, ‘I feel relaxed, tall, and strong’. There are so many to choose from – it’s a matter of finding one that is powerful enough that will make you want to keep on running, to appreciate how lucky you are to be in this position, and to drive you on forward.

Smile :  Try it, when you smile lots of things happen – the body relaxes, the face relaxes, people engage with you more from the sidelines, your brain is tricked into  believing that it is enjoying itself. If we can trick the brain that it is enjoying it – either by smiling or repeating a phrase, the body will start to relax and we will feel more positive

 Visualise myself in a run where I did feel good : Think of a run where you did feel strong. Replay the video clip of this run, how you felt, where you were, what you were thinking in your head. Your brain will feel like it is in that run and gradually you will be distracted from your negativity and brought up taller and stronger than you feel

– We have several teams competing in the Cherry Creek Triple Threat tomorrow.  If you have some free time, stop by.  More than likely, there will be a team competing / relaxing at the team tent.

– YOGA this Sunday at 11am with the one-and-only Kacey!!! Be there or be square or tight, probably tight.


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