Three rounds for time:

Run 800m

50 Back extensions

50 Sit-ups

Last done 10/25/08

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Anna is one of our twelve athletes registered for the Regional CF Games.  Fitness has no limits – keep it up! 

Why do we use so many barbells?  A quote from, Starting Strength Basic Barbell Training, authored by Mark Rippetoe & Lon Kilgore.

"The reason that isolated body-part training doesn't work is the same reason that barbells work so well, better than any other tool we can use to gain strength.  The human body functions as a complete system – it works that way, and likes to be trained that way.  It does not like to be separated into its constituent components and then have those components exercised separately, since the strength obtained from training will not be utilized in the way.  The general pattern of strength acquisition must be the same as that in which the strength will be used."

"Barbells, and the primary exercises we use then to do, are far superior to any other training tools that have ever been devised.  Properly preformed, full range-of-motion barbell exercises are essentially the functional expression of human skeletal and muscular anatomy under a load."


  1. Danimal :

    oh man, oh man…. what’s tomorrows??? Please, no more suspense. Oh and I really wanna see a tattoo on somebody’s flank!!!!

  2. anthony :

    Forrest 21:37
    Tiffany 22:16(20#)
    Joylyn 24:32
    Sherry 36:22(first rnd. 35#, remaining rnd. 25#)
    Elizabeth 28:37
    Emmalee 21:57
    Melissa 21:23(20#)
    Luke 20:42
    Alan 19:50(old time 22:42)
    Ben 19:46(old time 22:48)
    Tom M 19:57
    Gerson 21:49
    Doug 25:21
    Brit 27:09(20#)
    Lil 29:18(35#)
    Dan 19:21
    Sara 24:05
    Mark 27:08
    Cheresa 20:46
    Anna 23:10(old time 24:51)
    Tim 9:33(24kg)
    AMRAP in 10min of 7 burpees, 7 ball cleans
    Sandy 4 rnds
    16kg KB, 45#PP
    Tammer 9:17
    5×5 PP/KB 20#, 16#
    Janet 5:53

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