Friday 180209

For time:
50 Strict Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
200 Walking Lunges

Post results to comments or BTWB

Phil working through some medball cleans! Didn’t catch his weighted crab walk.


From the first time I tried CrossFit, I WAS HOOKED!  Every day was a new PR, I craved the “high” I got after the workouts and I made so many new friends.  CrossFit has this ability to affect, not just our bodies, but our minds so that we just want more.  

Early in our CrossFit career, the gains come so easy and we think that upward trajectory will never end!!! Then, after a bit of time, we hit a wall.  Going to the gym starts to feel more like a chore or a second job, the gains are sooo much harder to come by, you have been at the same Snatch weight for over a year, the thrill is gone (cue BB King) and the excuses as to why you can’t make it to the gym are easier and easier to come by = THOSE are the CrossFit blues.  I wanted to write this post because, after over 8 years of CrossFit, I have gone through the blues period more than once. For those of you that may be going through this, I wanted to share some things that have helped myself and others at the gym to help move past this phase.

#1 – Find a workout buddy/group that you enjoy working out with.  You can plan on which wod’s you are going to attend together OR get together at Open gym and write some fun butt-kicking workouts that you enjoy.  Having a friendly face in class that makes the workouts more enjoyable. that you can joke around with / commiserate with is always a hoot.

#2 – Pick workouts that you enjoy! While I don’t recommend this “cherry-picking” all of the time and this may be somewhat controversial, if you are in a funk, doing workouts and movements that you enjoy and are good at can be refreshing/empowering.  This is a way to remind yourself what you LOVE about CrossFit.  When workouts contain movements that we enjoy or are good at, we feel confident and strong like we did when we first started.  Talk to the coaches, let them know where your head is at so we can help you find a little joy in the WOD.

#3 – Dip your toe into other fitness pools!  What??? Cheat on Verve?? Never!  While I will never leave CrossFit, it is always fun trying different things.  Ali had a great idea of finding some cheap Groupons for other gyms online.  Find a spin class, kickboxing gym, bootcamp classes, climbing, break dancing, really anything goes here.  There is a low barrier to entry so you can sprinkle in a couple of these classes every week to mix things up.  Doing this doesn’t mean you are cheating on us, just expanding your horizons.

#4 – Find a coaching personality that matches yours.  Every coach we have has a very distinct personality and coaching style.  Given that we are so varied in our styles, one coach may particularly know how to motivate you while anothers’ style may not work as well.  Gravitate towards the coach that gives you all the good feels on the inside!  Some people (named Jason Kaplan) love getting berated by Clancy, so they try to go to his classes.  Some people may feel they are falling short on sexual innuendos, so they attend my classes.

#5 – Try out a Sprint class.  Sprint is a fun way to get a workout in with some odd objects that we aren’t able to use in the regular classes without a ton of pressure of the big whiteboard in your face.  

In our CrossFit careers, our love of it will ebb and flow which is completely normal.  Don’t beat yourself up.  CrossFit should not feel like a chore and we have the benefit that the sport we chose is constantly varied, so you have many options to switch it up.  If you need more ideas, feel free to pull aside one of the coaches and we are happy to talk to you. 

Has anyone else gone through the CrossFit blues?  If you have any recommendations for anyone else that may be going through this, shout out in the comments.


  • We have SO MANY teams competing in the CrossFit Sanitas Tuff Love competition this Saturday!  Check out Verve Social for heat times.  Basically, if you show up between 8:30am and 3:30pm, you will catch a team competing.
  • YOGA!!! This Sunday!!! Kacey!!!! 11am.  Be there.


  1. Liz :

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing this. 👍🏼👍🏼

  2. Kaplan :

    I’ve actually been avoiding Clancy’s classes lately and am starting to see really sizable gains….just happens to be from the mental fitness perspective.

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