5 Rounds for time

400m Run

30 Box jumps 24" (20")

30 Wall balls 20# (15#)

Post time and thoughts to comments.

Be inspired, be the best you can be!

Highlighted rules for the competition this weekend at MBS.

The Snatch 

  • Must be one continuous movement from the ground to overhead, no pressing out.
  • The weight must be maintained in the final motionless position, fully locked out until the referee gives the signal to lower.
  • You may use either a split or a squat position, returning feet parallel to the barbell for lockout.
  • No pausing in the movement.

The Clean and Jerk

  • The clean must be a continuous movement, the barbell must not touch the chest before turning the elbows.
  • Feet must return to parallel position before performing the jerk.
  • Arms must be fully locked out in the quarter squat position before standing.
  • Feet must return to parallel position motionless overhead, until referee gives the signal to lower.

General Rules

  • Hook grip is permitted.
  • If bar goes to the height of the knees it is a "No Lift".
  • Do not drop the bar deliberately, lower it until it is below waist height.
  • Chalk is permitted.
  • No pulling from the hang.
  • No incomplete extension of the arms, or pause during extension of the arms.
  • No pressing out.

We went over these today during the max loads.  Please ask if you have any questions.  We will be gathering prior to all athletes lifting to insure that everyone is aware of the rules and are comfortable with their starting weight.  Remember there are three attempts at each lift for max load.If you get a "No Lift", shake it off.  You are all going to do great.  Keep a strong positive attitude and come ready to have a good time.


  1. Danimal :

    For you guys who are doing the Zone thing, I made a new meal this morning that I have to share. I call it, “Dan’s Breakfast Sandwich of OMG this is Good”. I would have taken a picture of the thing but it looked soooo good that I had to eat it immediately.
    Anyway the sandwich consists of:
    Double fiber english muffins (2 carb blocks ea)
    1 egg (I prefer over easy with a gooey yolk)
    1 veggie sausage patty
    Blue cheese
    Dan’s special sauce (add more for fats, as needed). Made by mixing mayo with Sriracha hot sauce. This hot sauce is found in the supermarket’s stir-fry sauce section.
    I also buttered my muffins for extra fat.
    This was seriously one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever eaten. If a restaurant served this, I’d eat there everyday!

  2. Amy :

    For some reason I thought I would do really well at the WOD 7 rounds for time: 10 Burpees, 10 ball cleans… usual I was wrong!
    There are so many new people! It is really exciting! Can’t wait to start working out with everyone!

  3. Amy :

    Danimal: I had no idea there was a “stir-fry sauce” section in the supermarket. How convenient.
    ANd thanks for letting us all in on the fact you buttered your muffins for extra fat.
    Just kidding. Looks delish

  4. anthony :

    Dan that sounds amazing. I can’t wait till breakfast to try that. In fact I might have to make brinner tonight.

  5. I love that video… and for some reason, I love Lebron James’ weird pregame ritual sequence. I suggest we all have one. It will be your calling card.

  6. “Kelly”
    Dan 26:30
    Sara 32:18 (12#/10#) <1st WOD!!!>
    Lisa 24:30 (3rds, 8#)
    Emily 31:55 (4rds, 10#/4#)
    Britt 31:42 (4rds, 10#/4#)
    Erin 30:48
    Alan 26:19
    Tom M. 27:36 <1st WOD!!!>
    Kiley 29:50 (12#)
    Joylyn 36:11
    Anna 37:54
    Anthony 23:18
    Tom F. 34:54 (15#)
    Kristin 32:23 (12#, row)
    Hillary 32:50 (10#, row)
    Luke 26:15
    Cheresa 29:47
    Mike C. 38:46
    Jen 37:38 (12#)
    Amy 36:12
    Jared 28:57
    Cherie 35:10 (10#)
    Elements #4
    Lil 9:49 (20#, green band)
    Gerson 13:14
    Elements #2
    KB swing/Push Press WOD
    Shelby 11:28 (40#PP, 16kg)
    “Baseline +”
    Van NFT
    Great showing today. The WOD was a bit of a shocker eh? That can happen from time to time.

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