Two rounds for time:

100m Walking lunge

800m Run

100 Squats

Post times to comments.

Wod101608_034_2    Wod101608_063

Wod101608_098    Wod101608_038

Great turnout today!  In the future, when we book an entire class, which we did twice today, we will be holding our workouts at Commons Park in the Riverfront neighborhood.  We hope this happens day in and day out because the group dynamic is something extraordinary.  People often ask us what will happen if it gets cold out.  We’ll work out harder to stay warm!  Uncomfortable, yes.  Character building, totally.  Fun as hell, you know it.  Fight the wussification of America!


  1. Jerry May :

    Thanks for kicking my ass today. You guys are the definition of motivation.

  2. Matt :

    As always, it was our pleasure handing you your first CFV ass kickin’. Come back anytime and often May, you’re a motivating guy yourself… not everyone shows that kind of heart in every WOD. Keep it up!

  3. Don Woodmansee :

    17:22 I can’t believe the gains I have made in the short time since Matt introduced me to this. Total muscular failure. I almost feel guilty for leaving the gym so early, but I’ll get passed it. Thanks, Woody

  4. Matt :

    See you on Saturday Woody. EmerFit…

  5. Corey :

    Man, am I lame or what? 22:58. I love the precarious feeling of walking(stumbling) down a hill after a workout like that!

  6. Smitty and witty :

    Smitty- 23:29
    Witty- 27:19 boo.
    Do we get any handicap for 9000 ft altitude?
    For 2 people who enjoy running, this sure sucked.

  7. cherie :

    Smitty & Witty – Hurts so good! No handicap for you ladies, I’ve seen you both in action.
    Corey, I can’t help but laugh and cry. I’ll be doing it in a few hours and last time we did lunges, I stumbled for three days.

  8. Matt :

    Sarah and Amanda, so glad to see you guys did it! If you guys are in Denver this weekend, stop by for the WOD. Keep it up!

  9. cherie :

    Chan 18:43
    Cherie 20:54
    Ouch ……

  10. Cherie :

    Woody congrat on the “Time to Beat” for today
    anybody beat 17:22?

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