Clean & jerk 90% of 1RM 5×1

For time:

3 Snatch complex (50-55% of 1RM)

30 Ring dips

2 Snatch complex

20 Ring dips

1 Snatch complex

10 Ring dips

Today's snatch complex is comprised of 7 snatch grip deadlifts, 7 hang power snatches, and 7 heaving snatch balances.

Last performed on June 1, 2009.

Post time to comments.


Great videos with one of the pioneers in fish oil research.  It's possible I watched all Dr. Dreybergs videos.  They are fascinating - enjoy!


  1. Joylyn :

    My grippers are already saying…..eeeeeeeeeekkkk!
    Yay for fish oil! And practicing snatches…..someday practice will make it perfect.

  2. Kim B :

    Thanks for info on fish oil. It’s time for me to start using it – so everyone take out stock in fish oil – you’ll be rich by year end!!
    Glad this WOD is on a Fri – should be interesting!

  3. Cherie :

    I loved all the comments yesterday. Thanks to all for posting. It helps to remember why we are doing all this in the first place. All have slightly different goals, but most to live a happier healther life everyday. Be healthy for our kids and capable of independent living for a long time to come. So flush the guilt and create realistic goals while understanding how that impacts your health. Need help, just ask. Okay nuf of my soap box.

  4. Jack Hechinger :

    Hey Everybody! I’m going for a trail run at Red Rocks tomorrow afternoon (3pm-ish). If anyone is interested, let me know. Maybe we could meet at Verve and drive up. My phone number is 303-877-0105. Shoot me a text or call or post a comment.
    Oh and I am jealous of all those who get to do this workout! Looks really fun! Gotta respect the day off though…

  5. Danimal :

    I think I’ve turned a new leaf…. I’m actually really looking forward to a snatch WOD.

  6. Reminder: BBQ @ Catherine’s tomorrow @ 4pm!

  7. Jack Hechinger :

    Whoops! Looks like people are gonna be busy for the trail run… nevermind. Another time maybe.

  8. No worries, no pressure. Go for a trail run if ya feel the need 🙂 Seriously, I know I’m bringing it up at… LIKE… every turn but no worries if you have other stuff. Not meaning to be all high-pressure-used-car saleschick about it.
    If we see ya, we do… if not, we’ll see ya next time.

  9. Holly :

    Cat- Unfortunately I cant be there tomorrow. 🙁 Bummed!
    But….if anyone is looking for a new purse, head my way tonight!!

  10. Matt :

    Great WOD!!! Shoulders were on fire during the snatch balance.
    105#, bar dips (40, 25, 10): NFT

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