"The Chief"

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:

3 Power cleans 135# (85#)
6 Push ups
9 Squats
Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 5 cycles.  Compare with 12.21.08.
Post rounds for each of the 5 cycles to comments.

"The Chief" featuring Kristin, Dan and Luke in December 2008.

Check out the slide show that Kevin Bergthold created of the Verve athletes performing ground to overhead at the Regional Qualifiers.  I would like to note that Elizabeth and Tiffany are not pictured, but not because we don't love them.  Unfortunately, Kevin missed their heat in the am.  I will have more pictures to come in an album later this week featuring all.  Thanks Kevin these look awesome.

A recap of the weekend.  There were three workout, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Many of you completed these in the gym, way to go team. 

You could do the workouts as prescribed or modify them.  For the sake of logistics athletes did not have a choice in the modifications, they were predetermined.  There was a 12 minute window in which the workouts needed to be completed.

Saturday WOD #1

3 Rounds for time of:

8 Deadlift 300# (195#)

400 m run

The Verve Athletes times:

First place women's time was 6:21.  Verve women; Elizabeth 7:16, Anna 7:51, Cheresa 6:50, Joylyn 7:07, Emmalee 7:35, Cherie 7:38, Tiffany 6:19 (modified). 

First place men's time was 5:16. Verve men; Mas 7:07, Matt 5:34, Luke 5:45 (modified), Alan 5:26 (modified).

WOD #2

3 Rounds for time of:

10 Chest to bar pull-ups

10 Front squats 165# (105#)

10 Burpees

The Verve Athletes times:

First place women's time was 6:03.  Verve women; Joylyn 12:01, Emmalee 9:43, Cherie 9:20, Cheresa 5:28 (modified), Anna 5:12 (modified), Elizabeth 7:16 (modified), Tiffany 4:39 (modified).

First place men's time was 3:12.  Verve men; Luke 8:22, Mas 10:32, Matt 3:12, Alan 6:05 (modified).

Sundays WOD

Ground to overhead

Women 5000lbs

Men 7000lbs

The Verve Athletes times:

First place women's time was 4:38.  Verve women; Joylyn 9:32, Emmalee 8:03, Cheresa 7:22, Anna 8:34, Elizabeth 8:09, Tiffany 9:08, Cherie 9:16.

First place men's time was 4:11.  Verve men; Alan 8:29, Luke 8:07 , Mas 6:52, Matt 4:15.

Every second counts, the final results were determined by adding all the workout times together for a total time.  The standing are;

First place women's time was 17:07.  Verve women; Emmalee in 29th place at 25:21, Cherie in 31st place at 26:14, Joylyn in 38th place at 28:40.  For the women who modified only one workout.  Cheresa in 1st place at 19:40, Anna in 2nd place at 21:37, Elizabeth in 5th place at 24:25.  For the women who modifed two workouts. Tiffany in 2nd place at 20:06.

First place men's time was Matt at 13:01, Mas in 62nd place at 24:31.  For the men who modifed one workout.  Luke in 2nd place with 22:14.  For the men who modified two workouts Alan in 4th place with 20:00.

We were so impressed with not only every ones performance, but attitudes and camaraderie.  We feel so proud to be a part of this team.  Thanks for a great weekend and too all the Verve athletes who came out to show their support.  Photo album to follow.

Elizabeth and Tiff ground to overhead What you gonn do about it


  1. Jeff McD :

    HEY VERVE!! How are all of you doing??? Life here on the east coast is hectic and I’m doing my combat training refreshers like it’s crazy. Haven’t much time to do WOD’s here but snuck some travel ones in here and there.
    I miss the gym and gettin my arse whooped. I’m deploying mid-June and going to Iraq to an air base to bring Marines home. Which means lots of time to workout and get fit.
    Saw the pics of the games, and congrats to all those who went and represented Verve. I hope to be at them once I’m back home.
    PS, the vest that we have is 38 #’s with just the armor plates once we have full combat load on it’s almost an additional 60 #’s. My goal is to do Murph with it in a couple months. I’ll see if I can score some extra gear to bring it home so you all can try it out.

  2. Anna :

    Allright ya’ll. Don’t know who all is interested, crossfit opened up registration for cup affiliate. So great!!! Big bummer is that the WOD is on thursday 7/9, not friday to accomadate all those who want to sign up. Don’t know who is interested. Have had a few responses from those going to CA, but now with the date change you would have to change your flight, and we would have to stay in a hotel. Alan and I really want to participate but don’t know if it is worth it to the rest of ya’ll. Those who want to participate please porst so we know if we haave enough interested to make a team.

  3. Anna :

    We would have to stay in a hotel wednesday night, check into the house on thursday.

  4. Cherie :

    We would need at lease one guy in order to register. We can however have more just not less.

  5. Tim M :

    Let me see if I can get that day off and change flight, more then likely seeing I am calling in sick that friday and Monday.
    Any BBQ this weekend?

  6. Tim M :

    I have my place that we can do a BBQ at as well. I live in DTC though some where in the middle like the Park. Washington Park on Sunday or Monday? Any takers need head Count call me # is at the Gym or email me.

  7. Dave Powell :

    DFD Engine 16/A
    Lt. Powell 4,3+pu,3+pu,3+pu, 4
    Eng. Liz Riviere 4,4,4,4,4
    FF. Donatelli 4,3,3,3,3
    FF. Volman 4,4,4,4,4+pu
    Just another reason why Im not a fan of Chiefs. Great job at the games.

  8. Anna :

    Alan is on common Gearson you know you want to sign up.

  9. Tim M :

    Ok email something in Facebook how is Sunday either at my place which I live in DTC or Washington Park say about noon or so. Thinking games hanging out and having fun

  10. Elizabeth Huff :

    This one was harder than it looked. And I discovered why the iPod is a necessity when working out at the 24hour. Need the distraction from the pain! And I modified with a hang clean because they have no bumpers. Hurts the back…

  11. Tiff :

    i am in for competing if there is space for me…easily can change my flight and do the hotel thing…no problem. =)

  12. Zac Pine :

    I probably have a place for us to stay on wednesday if you all come out then. I will be helping set up the games and judging, but I would love to do the workout with you.

  13. Gerson M :

    I do want to sign up!!!

  14. Cherie :

    Great results engine 16/A
    Glad to see you guys on the post.:) Cherie

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