"Last Chance"

For time:

20 Tuck jumps

50 Kettlebell swings 53# (35#)

10 Ball slams

40 Kettlebell swings 53# (35#)

20 Ball slams

30 Kettlebell swings 53# (35#)

30 Ball slams

20 Kettlebell swings 53# (35#)

40 Ball slams

10 Kettlebell swings 53# (35#)

50 Ball slams

20 Tuck jumps

Compare to Saturday, November 15th.

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Stef pulling under with great triple extension.

Yesterday's WOD was an exercise in pacing and attention to form and efficiency.  I guess that would sum up most of the workouts we do, but this one in particular stressed the use of the "hook grip."  Whenever we incorporate any of the olympic movements (C&J, snatch) or heavy deads into a workout, be sure to employ the hook grip.  This will allow you to release your death grip on the bar and relax your forearms a bit.

The hook grip is used by wrapping your thumbs around the bar and then sqeezing your thumbs and the bar with the fingers.  This prevents the bar from spinning out of your hands.  Many people find this grip especially painful initially, but as the hands get used to it over time, find that the pain subsides.  However, whenever deadlifting near your max, your thumbs will undoubtedly be sore.


  1. Kiley :

    We did yesterdays WOD – Deadlift – clean – pushpress — and a cookie of 50 static pullups – 10,8,6,4,2,2,4,6,8
    Kiley 14 2/3 — buddy assisted pullups
    Drew 19 (75#)

  2. Anna :

    Hey guys. We need to all exchange emails or phone numbers. Until then, Alan and I want to go to dinner tomorrow night (Saturday) and then go bowling. There is this CHEAP bowling alley on colfax in Lakewood. Holiday Bowling is the name. Anyone interested get our number from Cherie and Matt and give us a call. We would love to hang out other than the gym. Have fun today with the workout. Any of you working out late tomorrw can come after the WOD to the alley.

  3. Ben :

    50# dumb bell swings
    knees to chest
    185 lb new clean max

  4. Joylyn :

    Me and Mas are in for the fun tomorrow night! We’ll probably meet up with you for dinner beforehand too, just let us know where . . . not the alley on Colfax 🙂 We always love to showcase our [lack of] bowling skills—but mostly, we love the cool shoes. Oddly similar to lifting shoes now that I think of it. hmmm.
    Yeah, what about a discreet voluntary contact list?

  5. Joylyn :

    ps. Congratulations on the new PR clean Ben! That’s super sweet.

  6. cherie :

    Joylyn: 13:15
    Anna 16:10 (last done 19:29)
    Alan 15:34
    Erin 11:02
    Emily 20:51
    Brit 21:58
    Lisa 17:16 (16#)
    Tom 17:02 (35#)
    Blake 19:00
    Leet 22:35 (44#)
    Tiffany 10:36 (one arm swings 16#, squats)
    Mas 12:08
    Amy 17:35
    Jared 12:26
    Dan 10:54
    Luke 13:55
    Anthony 10:35
    Kristin: 16:26 (last done 19:37)
    Sandie 14:26 (24#)
    Garrison 8:36 (54#)
    Janet 12:59 (modified)
    Jordon 9:38 (35#)
    Elements #1
    Sherry 11:38 (2 rounds)
    Sara 14:28
    Great job today everyone. Anna and Kristin killed their last times by over 3 minutes. Way to go! Blake thanks for visiting us from Cali, you did awesome.
    Have a great night and I look forward to “Jeremy” in the morning.

  7. Matt :

    Smokin’ times guys. Its great to see everyone that did the WOD previously improved (dramatically). Keep up the good work. That’s a lot of “Baseline’s” for one day – be sure to introduce yourselves to the new members. The community is growing.

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