For time:

Run 400m

40 Ball slams

20 Handstand push-ups

Run 400m

30 Ball slams

15 Handstand push-ups

Run 400m

20 Ball slams

10 Handstand push-ups

Run 400m

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Cheresa and Kiley dedicated at 8am.

Cool tip on peeling eggs. Thanks to Robb Wolf's blog for the video link. 

CrossFit Parker Fire Location.  Please let us know if you will be meeting us there or at the parking lot. 


  1. Amy Schaeffer :

    Man, and I thought tonight’s was hard!
    Thanks Cherie. You seriously know how to encourage me. You are awesome and I don’t know if I would have been able to finish had you not made me feel like I could. Thanks for believing!
    And Matt, you’re pretty good at motivating too……or I am just scared you will punch me in the face so I don’t complain. (jokes, just jokes)

  2. Joylyn :

    Sheesh, what a WOD–I’ll be thinking of y’all while working (and hopefully flying) in Frisco tomorrow. See u in Parker on Saturday!

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    And Anthony too!!!! You guys rock! Seriously, you guys are the reason I come back every day. (Cherie has even had to turn me away before!)

  4. cherie :

    Amy’s not lying, I’ve turned her away.
    I second a heads-up to Anna’a amazing job tonight, you had a great rhythm Anna.
    Joylyn we know you will attempt it, while hoping not to get a call so you can finish:)

  5. joylyn :

    Well I’m heading out the door to do a ground trip from Kremmling. Lot’s of snow out west here. If I make it home to Denver before midnight, I’ll meet y’all in Parker tomorrow.

  6. Matt :

    Good luck Joylyn, we’ll see you there. I’m excited about tomorrow… I even took a rest day today!

  7. Kiley :

    oohh…..thats some good form I got going on in this picture.

  8. Dude, Matt and Cherie.. I just read the article in the journal about the statistical analysist of the 08′ games. Way to get a blurb in there about the two of you. Rock on, and also send us some photos of that new box, and the transformation.

  9. cherie :

    Tall wall
    Alan: 16:32
    Anna: 17:12
    Mas: 22:32
    Shorter wall:
    Mike: 15:51
    Cheresa: 14:26
    Jared: 14:08
    Amy: 18:11
    Steffanie: 19:49
    Elements #4
    Run 400m between each set
    Jake: 19:08 (35#)
    Chelsea: 18:48 (25#)
    Congrats to Jake (getting a kipping pull-up) and Chelsea for both finishing Elements, we will see you when you get back from all your travels.
    Congrats to Anthony for finding his mojo and getting 5 muscle-ups.

  10. cherie :

    Great to hear from you. I check CFRC often, when are you going to get your comment section back up? The site looks great!
    Thanks for the shout out, I have to admit it was cool to see our names in a journal article. We will keep you posted on our box transformation. I can feel it, it’s getting closer.
    Can’t wait to see your new shoes:)
    Cheers, Cherie

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