Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

10 Cleans, 40% of 1 RM
50 Double unders
Post time to comments.
Taq getting vertical before dropping under.
Hoodies are in! 
Verve hoodies are in.  We ask that if you would like one, please purchase online with Mindbody hereWe will bring it to the gym with your name on it.  We will have one of each size in the back to try on, if you would like to do that prior to purchasing. FYI, women's are running smaller than expected.
Our infamous nutrition lecture is this Saturday at 12:30pm.  Come one, come all.  If you haven't been to one yet, what are you waiting for?


  1. Mas :

    Hoodies look Badass! I was wondering what people were doing for new years. If anyone would like to get together, we have a couple of ideas that include Michelob Ultra’s(1C each) or Read Bridge and a good time. Let me know.

  2. john Brown :

    Red Bridge and a good time? Sooner or later I am going to have to take you up on that Mas…
    hoodies look great BTW

  3. Danimal :

    Hey, I like good times! What should we do? Last year’s prom dress up work out was awesome… we could do that too. Or a super hero dress up WOD.

  4. JenB :

    good times? i’m interested!

  5. Alan :

    We playin Dress Up????l Shhht, you know I’m in! =)

  6. Alan :

    To answer your question about shin splints from yesterday…Ice and Rest! That is really the only two things you can do! After years of running with them, I know what you are going through! Just a few other tips…You can try new shoes (keep your shoes in good shape), Row instead of Run BLAH!!!! Also, if you are going to run, try to stay on the grass, or soft surfaces if possible! Sidewalk is better than street if grass is not available because the slant of the road surface can get them irritated as well. Just if you are going to run on the grass, watch those ankles! Much more likely to twist one there, than sidewalk. Hope that helps…..Oh, and if you haven’t alredy done it today…Double Unders probably are not a good idea either!

  7. Rosa :

    So excited about the hoodies. Just placed my online order 🙂 Thanks for shipping! Hope you guys have a great holiday.

  8. Joylyn :

    Hey Peeps! Erin, Sara & myself have been talking about getting a group together for Denver ZooLights. Would anyone be interested in going maybe Wednesday, Dec 23? Bring your animal A-game 🙂

  9. Joylyn :

    ps. All I want for Christmas is consistent Double-Unders. *sigh

  10. Mark :

    Kick ass looking hoodies! 5 rounds for time 15 ring dips, 25 box jumps-22min 500m row 130. Shoulder is slowly returning to normal…back in Denver on Monday.

  11. Amy Schaeffer :

    Joylyn, I would be interested in going….

  12. Aftershock, though delicious and portable, is loaded with carbs. Instead, go for vitamin d milk. Perfect zone!

  13. Cherie :

    Mark we miss you.
    Rosa we’ll get it sent ASAP.
    Mary – get your butt back in here when you’re done playing in the snow!
    fun strength class tonight!
    Cheers CC

  14. Dear CFV~
    **choke** I don’t drink milk normally (let alone directly after a workout from my glass travel jar)-practically straight from Betsy’s buttery udder.
    Cat 🙂

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