For time:

400m Run

21 Front squats, 135# (95#)

21 Push jerks, 135# (95#)

400m Run

15 Front squats, 135# (95#)

15 Push jerks, 135# (95#)

400m Run

9 Front squats, 135# (95#)

9 Push jerks, 135# (95#)

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Melissa finished her Elements today, congrats Melissa.  Say hi when you see her at a WOD.

As you may or may not know, CrossFit Verve holds the belief that you are only as strong as your weakest link.  For many, their weakest link comes in the form of heavy thrusters or overhead squats.  Many others fumble with the kettlebell snatch or the kipping pull-up.  But that's not what keeps the trainers at CrossFit Verve up at night, as we can refine these movements in the gym.  What we don't have any control over is what's on the dinner plate.

For most new CrossFit athletes, its their eating habits that is holding them back.  Nutrition is like the fuel that we put in our cars – if we fill up with premium fuel and change our oil regularly, chances are that our cars will run great and last longer than if we put regular fuel in.  What's worse is that we expect our cars to have some umph, even though we use regular unleaded and have been circling the neighborhood on the same oil for the last 9 months.  We do nutrition discussions for free because we want the best for you (premium fuel).

We start by arming you with the information needed to balance your meals and by figuring out what your macro-nutritional requirements are needed to support muscle growth and to shred fat.  We recommend that you follow an 80% Zone meal plan following your block prescription.  Later, we try to dial in the foods that are best for your body and reduce the number of poor choices.  Although you can Zone perfectly by eating 4oz of filet mignon, 32oz of lite beer, and 1 1/3 teaspoon of butter – its not ideal. 

If you haven't already, please contact us to schedule your nutrition discussion.  If you have met with us and you haven't seen the results that you were hoping for, please schedule another nutrition discussion and bring your meal log.  We're here to support you on your path to health, so take advantage.


  1. Great WOD today! Wow, breathing was an issue eh? We stopped by the place on 38th today – man its going to be cool! Drive by and check out the pull-up bars if you are in the neighborhood. See you tomorrow!

  2. Matt :

    Tom M. 18:54
    Tom F. 20:18 95#
    Lisa 18:39 50#
    Erin 20:43 85#
    Emily 20:30 40#
    Alan 27:19
    Anna 20:49
    Kiley 15:09 65#
    Stef 15:15 30#
    Joei 20:14 55#
    Gerson 19:59 105#
    Joylyn 29:42 95#/85#
    Emmalee 24:38
    Christina 14:26 30#
    Jared DNF
    Dan 16:57
    Jen 22:36 65#
    Sara 16:06 55#
    Tiffany 13:32 (goblet squats 16kg, 1-arm jerks 12kg)
    Doug 17:14 45#
    Mark 16:14 65#,AB
    Shelby 11:41 30#,AB

  3. James :

    Right around the first push jerk I started to think that doing this workout with dumbbells was a really bad idea. But I’d already suffered through 21 front squats and I couldn’t just quit….
    Ugh. 31:08, sub 67.5# dbs.

  4. cheire :

    WOW James, get in here and hang out with us again soon. We’ll torture you, but not like that. 🙂

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