Friday 300514

Five rounds for max meters:

5:00 Row
1:00 Rest

Post results to comments or BTWB

Just Team Verve doing a HS Walk choo-choo train!

Just Team Verve doing a HS Walk choo-choo train!


Every day that we wake up and go to work, we are faced with new challenges. Every day we walk into this gym, we challenge ourselves to levels we did not know we were possible of attaining.  Every once in a while, there are some things that come up that we simply say “I can’t do that” or “there is no way I can do that”. The “I Can’t” statement and everything it represents is a choice, whether we are aware of it or not.  Say, for example, the nutrition challenge that is coming to a close.  Some people said “I can’t eat chocolate” while other people said “I don’t eat chocolate”.  Between those two statements, which on seems more powerful?  One statement says I have made a choice not to eat chocolate and the other says I really want to eat chocolate but this stupid challenge won’t let me.  I read a very interesting article recently about taking the words “I Can’t” out of your vocabulary and the impact it will have on your attitude, and in turn, your results.  Here are some bullet points:

“It’s your reason, your why and how, your facial expression, emotions, body language, and potentially the end result. How you approach an opportunity, and the result of it, is solely based on you – not your boss or your co-worker or friend.
If you enter a business meeting (or the gym) with a sour attitude, that negative energy can spread like wildfire. People can also feel it — maybe even taste it. This is not an impression you want to leave.

Now imagine you enter a business meeting (or the gym) with a positive attitude, that whatever happens in here is going to be your result, in your control, not someone else’s. Of course, we can’t always win, but even if the outcome is negative, your attitude and perception can turn it into a positive. The question is: can you do it?
It’s much better to be known for your positive attitude – your poise, your energy, the reason why things go so well because you are able to maintain such character. A negative attitude is easy. It’s easy to complain, it’s easy to be mad, and it’s even easier to do nothing to change it.

“It’s our lack of self-confidence and fear on many different levels. The one thing we have to purge from ourselves is fear — fear of bad results, fear of change, fear of denial, fear of loss, the fear that makes us worry and lose sleep. Worrying is the same as going outside with an umbrella, waiting for rain to hit it. Stop worrying and move on.
Confidence is fragile: it builds up slowly, but can shatter like glass. Project your confidence and energy into believing in yourself. This is a very important and groundbreaking step — one that is usually the hardest to take. Start telling yourself you can do something, anything, and you will do it the best to your ability. Remove doubt, remove fear, and stick with positive energy.”

Do not fear failure. Do not run away from it. Face it, learn from it, grow, and take action. Just remember: you will never know success if you have never failed.
Your confidence will bolster after embracing these facts. You will be immune to demoralizing results, and instead you will find ways to fix it, improve upon it, and make it better than before. You will learn to never say “can’t,” and will realize how many more opportunities you can create by removing that one word.”

#1 – Write down what you want to change and put it everywhere you will see it.
#2 – Tell other people about it, they will help hold you accountable.
#3 – Research the subject or movement you believe you can’t do and why.  Fro example, I can’t do overhead squats because my shoulders are tight.  Type that statement into GOOGLE and look at the 187,000 results that come up.  You may find a cue or tip that you did not know or have not heard before that will help.

If you want the full article from for reference, you can find it here.

—Tickets still available for the Rockies/Dodgers game June 7th.  Friday is the last day to buy them in the Verve seating area.
Password: CROSSFIT2014

—Emmalee Teribery and Team Verve start competing TODAY.  You can catch all of the action LIVE @ The Games site.

Friday: Team Event 1 is @ 9:20am, Team Event 2/3 is @ 10:40am
Friday: Emmalee Individual Event 1/2 is @ 1pm, Emmalee Individual Event 3 is @ 3:55pm

We will update heat times for Saturday and Sunday

**The Body Fat Test truck is coming back Wednesday June 4th. Sign up here for it.

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