Double unders



Who says CrossFit isn’t for everyone?  Meet CrossFit Grandma.

"Looking back at how far I’ve come – I have no words to describe how differently I feel. Today, I dropped my handbag in a parking lot and several items spilled out. I squatted down and picked them up. No problem. I couldn’t have done that any time in the last many years."

-Delita Wright Raleigh, North Carolina


  1. cherie :

    Amy 16:37 (subbed three single and one double)

  2. Hey Matt and Cherie thanks for the comments. We’re now putting together some workouts for the park, and are expecting to start up on Nov. 22 for our first official park workout. So if you have any good group park workouts please let us know, we’re always looking for good ones. Dan from up in Washington sent us a couple real good ones. Hey I noticed you guys are using VIMEO, do you guys like that? To all the members reading this message, you are absolutely lucky to have Matt and Cherie as your coaches, they are probably some of the most genuine people out there and they kick ass, which in turn means they will kick your ass into shape. Go VERVE!!!

  3. Matt :

    Oh damn, CFRC… right back at ya. I’ll call you about the park wod’s and vimeo. Take care of yourselves out there.

  4. cherie :

    Jared 14:50

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