Three rounds, 21-15-9 for time of:

Thrusters, 95#/65# (40-50% of 1RM PP)


After adequate rest:

Clean & jerk 90%of 1RM 5×1

Last done July 22nd, 2009

Post time and loads to comments.


Josh during his battle called "Jason".

We would like to take a moment and welcome all our new Verve athletes.  We had eight people complete our September foundations and begin their group classes; Amy, Heather, Caylan, Jaime, Gabe, Jake, Adam, and Marsha.  We are excited to have you all joining the Verve family.

Thank you to Jake Theno for designing our new logo, banner and soon to be t-shirts. 

Excerpt from the CrossFit Journal: "Mastering the Jerk".

“Core strength” has become trendy phrase. But overhead lifting makes all the groups that constitute the core a great deal stronger in a manner few other exercises can match. Elevating a loaded barbell overhead and holding it in position for five or six seconds strengthens the muscles and attachments of the arms, shoulders, back, hips and legs.

It must be understood that jerking a heavy weight isn’t just a matter of applying raw strength to the bar, like performing a squat or deadlift. It’s knowing how to utilize several athletic attributes, such as timing, co-ordination and speed along with strength. This is exactly why the jerk is such a beneficial exercise for athletes in a wide range of sports. Jerking heavy weight is particularly beneficial to throwers in track and volleyball and basketball players who need vertical strength to excel. In addition, jerks are an asset in nearly every athletic endeavor I can think of.

When done perfectly, the jerk is an aesthetic combination of power and grace, and that’s why so many athletes take to them so readily. They’re much more than just a strengthening exercise. They’re feats of strength that require a very high degree of athleticism. Agility, timing, quickness, co-ordination and determination are needed in order to jerk a heavy poundage.

Learn how to do the lift correctly. Diligently practice your technique. Then you’ll be ready to advance to a higher level of functional strength.

-Bill Starr


  1. Rachel :

    Reminder: Bachelorette Party tonight! 4:30 @ The 9th Door in Lodo, black/white theme w/ a SASSY accessory. Make sure you’re ready to have some fun all night!
    303-829-2758 or

  2. Post times…. I want to follow along from the fire station.

  3. Fran in July: 7:32, 45#, green band. Fran in October: 7:12, 53#, blue band. WOOHOO!

  4. James :

    Oh, this is going to be Frantastic!

  5. Casey :

    I would say that this week as a whole has been full of personal “oh shit, this stuff actually works” moments, and while it is long winded, I wanted to share and pass along my thanks…
    Monday was quite a day, lifting far heavier than I ever have and figuring our my 1 rm for back squats and dead lift. I capped it off by hitting a new best by 5# on shoulder press. Ok I thought, those are pretty cool results for 6 weeks of work.
    Then today Fran comes along. The last time I did Fran was during elements, and all I could remember is that I suffered my way through. I was hoping to be somewhat better today. I’ll be honest and say I suffered through it today as well, but I finished at 9:47 with perscribed weight. Pretty good I thought, until I opened my log book, and saw that during elements I was over 14 minutes with only 75#. That kind of solidified in my mind just how far I have come.
    I don’t think these results could have been achieved without the teachings, support, encouragement, and vocal abuse :-), that Verve has provided. I know this is a pretty long winded thank you, but to all the trainers, to everyone in the 6 a.m. crew, and the rest of the Verve community, I couldn’t have done it without you so thank you all so much. The last 6 weeks has been a blast!

  6. Danimal :

    Yay for vocal abuse. hahaha. Congrats Casey, nice work.

  7. Jack :

    Couldn’t agree more Casey! I personally saw what I thought was a tremendous improvement. I remember coming in to Verve and setting a goal to be able to do 3×10 pullups… Cherie just kind of laughed and said “yeah, I am pretty sure you will be able to do that…”
    Can’t wait to see what happens over the NEXT couple months!!

  8. Way to go Casey! I totally agree 🙂

  9. Victoria :

    Hi Everyone! Happy Friday and Fran Day!
    So… This Sunday October 4th is my 25th Birthday! There seems to be a lot of Libra b-days coming up (Sara, Dan, and Leslie!!). Well, I will be hosting a party at my house on sunday around 6:00 or after the Broncos win. I live walking distance from Vine St. Pub so we are heading over around 10ish for some live music! So here is your plan…
    Go to Sara and Dan’s and on the way home stop over!
    my house: 2135 Franklin St. #2
    Vine St. located right on the corner of Vine and 17th St.
    I hope to see you there!
    Happy early birthday to all you other Libra’s!

  10. derek :

    I made major improvements today on my Fran performance. When I first did the workout in the elements class I did it in just over 13 minutes, in July I did it in 6:09 but my range of motion just wasn’t there at all. Today I finished in 6:39 at less than RX weight and with a green and purple band for pull ups, but my depth was there on EVERY thruster and my chin was over the bar on EVERY pull up! It was something that in July was still a real struggle. My time wasn’t as good on paper today but the quality of my workout was so much better and I was so much stronger. I felt great(well after about 10 minutes of rest lol) Getting better wasn’t really about time as it was about making my body move better and I saw a huge difference in that today. Next time when my knee is a little better I will worry about time. Awesome day today. Everybody in the noon class torn it up!

  11. Erin :

    STRONG WORK PEOPLE!! Awesome to see so many Ververs making such amazing strides in their fitness and livin’ a healthier life! Yeah! Way to go!!

  12. Emmalee :

    Love the new logo at the top of the page!

  13. sara :

    7:01 rx….last time 7:58 rx
    woo!!! Man, the 4th is a popular day to be born! Happy B-day Leslie and Victoria! Hope to see lots of you on Sunday

  14. Luke :

    3:42 rx, previous PR was 4:24. First time doing all thrusters without dropping the bar! Couldn’t believe it. Great class (4:30), Xfitters of all abilities just killing it. Way to be.

  15. James :

    5:22, PR by 26 seconds. Watching Matt J. and Luke go at it would have been inspiring if I hadn’t had to do 45 thrusters and 45 pullups at the same time. Awesome work, guys.

  16. Joylyn :

    6:17, previous was 6:35. Also broke 600 on CFT yesterday–YAY!!!!
    I think Mas improved his CFT by 40#, and his Fran by a minute to get to 5:16. So awesome today–way to go people!

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