Back squat 90% of 1RM, 5×1 reps

Followed by, three rounds of:

2:00 Row for calories

Pull-ups for max reps

Rest as needed between rounds

Post total score to comments.


True love and damn good squat form.

We started the "Zone/Real Food Challenge" four weeks ago, which leaves us with four weeks to really get your head in the game.  The reason that we host these challenges is not to see who can lose the most weight, or even to pack muscle on some of us – those are simply the results that participant's get when they start eating right.  Rather, our goal is to introduce you to a way of eating that is manageable for the rest of your life.  We want you to adjust your eating habits to realize that eating well is not only easy, but that it makes you feel great and will improve your daily life!

The "sickness-wellness-fitness continuum" illustrates the point that we need to take steps to move ourselves along the line from sickness to wellness and from wellness to fitness (you will not wake up one day sick, without and obvious neglect of diet, exercise and sleep).  This is a process that may take several years, moving from sickness to fitness, or may take just a few months, moving from fitness to super-fitness.  To move yourself along the continuum, you must have a sound exercise program and health promoting diet.  You've got the first requirement pretty well handled and we hope that during the next four weeks you will fully realize the benefit of the latter… a health promoting diet.  By making the first steps, you are moving yourself along the continuum to fitness.


Zone Combine With CrossFit For Fantastic Results –


  1. Awww!!! Both will draw the chicks. Mostly the puppy with it’s plushy toy though…

  2. mark :

    Thanks Anna for the stuffed animal yesterday…Baron def enjoyed it!

  3. Jack :

    Sorry to change the blog subject. But today is Friday… and that means nothing really. I’ll just blame the doughnuts that are sitting in my break room. And I need a understanding audience…
    Anyways, I had a really tough day today. I underperformed where I thought I should be. Partly due to the fact that I couldnt get my pullup rhythm down and partly due to fatigue. I was feeling pissed off and fursterated.
    I kept telling myself that every one “has bad days” and making up a variety of difference excuses for my performance. Then I realized, you cannot complain about that which you inflict on yourself. Example: people always complain about being overweight and then they chow down on several doughnuts…
    Why am I writing this message? To say plain and simple, I am proud to have CHOSEN to make a commitment to longevity and fitness. No more moaning about underperforming. I am here and I did the best that I could today.
    If you didn’t want to read what I just said, sorry for wasting your time. I knew that somebody would understand and I figured it was like shooting fish in a barrell here.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Derek :

    Loved today’s workout, I like mixing it up and the stuff like today (shorter workout but all out effort)I really enjoy, just a different way to push through it. It’s always fun lifting with Matt as well. I also want to say how great it is to have trainers that push you and have faith in you but nice to know that they will also let you know when you should not push you or advise you not to push yourself to much. I had a great talk with Matt after the workout today and it helped to keep things in check for me. That’s not something you get to many other places. Today was my 7day in a row so I will take Matt’s advice and take the weekend off.

  5. Mark :

    cottage cheese, blueberries and walnuts..mmmmm tasty…Thanks for the post Jack, I had a day like that yesterday…when its all said and done even though I felt like shit during the workout..was proud of myself for just being there and finishing it.

  6. Tiff :

    argh! i just got on to sign up for the 730…(i think i am the ONLY person who goes to the last class friday)…and dang it!!!! foundations. =( silly me.
    jack – definitely can relate! thanks for sharing. =)

  7. leslie :

    Is anyone else in major pain from yesterday’s lunges? Ouch!
    Just wanted to share a great recipe. Boil a couple heads of cut up cauliflower with one cut up onion and a couple cloves of garlic. Strain after the cauliflower is nice and soft. Add cauli, onion, garlic back to pan with about 1 cup of nonfat milk. Mash and smash until it is all mixed in and can resenble chunky mashed potatoes. Add kosher salt and pepper to taste. You could even add some cheese (parm or goat would be great). If you had a food processor, you could get it super smooth. Enjoy!

  8. James :

    Hey Jack, we’ve all been there. Some days you don’t have it. Yesterday was one of those for me. Sometimes you need to walk away from the gym awhile and get some rest – remember (Derek) that you don’t build muscle by lifting weights, you build muscle by recovering from lifting weights.
    But the stuff we do isn’t only physically exhausting, it can be mentally draining also. And i think (although our trainers may disagree) that we need to sometimes realize that even if our muscles can handle a 100% WOD our minds may not. What do you think trainers? If you’re not fully engaged mentally, should you walk out and come back another day? Or should you do the best you can and maybe work at 90% intensity?

  9. Luke :

    In my experience, it doesn’t help to not work out if you don’t feel mentally engaged, simply because I always feel so much better afterwards (mentally and physically). While it’s true that, physically/mentally you may not always be at your peak, it doesn’t mean you’re not benefitting from getting through the WOD. That’s just me though.

  10. Cherie :

    I like to workout when I am not mentally there. It brings me back around. I don’t however like to workout when I’m physically not there. Like James said you build muscle in your recovery from work. So rest is as important as lifting. Derek I have never done 7 days in a row, that is one hell of a work capacity and drive. Get some needed rest so that you do not get an overuse injury.
    Jack – We’ve all been there, that is what keeps us coming back for more, the drive to always get better.
    Leslie – thanks for the recipe, we’ll be sure to try it and report.

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