Clean & Jerk 90% of 1RM 5X1

Followed by:

21 – 15 – 9

Snatch 40-50% of 1RM

Box jumps 24" (20")

Post time to comments.


Alan, Dan, Cherie, Jared, Amy, Joylyn, Erin and Mas conquer Long's Peak.

It takes more than brut strength to be a CrossFitter.  Sometimes we design workouts, not just to stress your muscles, but to also stress your mind.  After all, the application of real world work capacity rarely comes with only physical stress.  It takes a strong mind and will to get through many of these workouts. 

Frustration comes with the territory of being a CrossFitter.  I haven't met a person yet who has not struggled with some exercise or aspect of pushing through a WOD.  If I say double unders, how many people in the crowd boo?  What about overhead squats, snatches, or the clean and jerk?  I once read, "Who you are in CrossFit, is who you are in life". 

Tonight, like many days before, I witnessed frustration turn into joyful success.  Two strong women, one who had never gotten a muscle-up and the other, who had only gotten one, completed the WOD with 19 muscle-ups each.  They started out missing the transition or struggling with the dip.  Through mental fortitude and progression practice, they began to get one after another after another.  This is truly inspiring, not because they are strong, but because they continued beyond their own failures, to where they found success.


  1. Matt :

    Anyone interested in the Colorado Open should sign up right now. Check out the Coming Attractions page for details and a link to sign up. There are only a couple spaces left.

  2. Matt :
  3. OK, get it in your schedules that August 29th is an END OF SUMMER BBQ EXTRAVAGANZA at Catherine’s house!!!
    Party will start @ 3 or 4. More details to follow. Save the date! I’ll provide some beer and meat… If you want anything other, bring some alcohol and a side dish. I’ll post more specific stuff later on…
    How does this sound?

  4. stef :

    I’d just like to say…. Crossfit has now changed my outfits as I’m incapable of walking in heels today because my calves are so tight! lol. Apparently I was REALLY jumping for the jumping muscle ups.
    Hopefully, I’ll soon get a real one 🙂 that would be amazing!
    Last thing, I so agree with Crossfit and the whole mind aspect. The only other active thing I’ve done that really gets within my head was Climbing. Perhaps this is why CF Climbing can be so addicting?
    -Stronger Than Yesterday – so true!

  5. Hey Joylyn, I wanted to ask you yesterday about how many other people you and Mas have inspired to start crossfit at the fire station. Killer job btw. truly inspirational.

  6. Cherie :

    Joylyn – hats off to you for your hard work and personal dedication!! You are awesome!

  7. mas :

    I had been off line for six months while I was in Paramedic school from Jan to June. Needless to say, most of the guys didn’t even realize that it was me when I came back to do my rides. The usual questions arose. How’d you do it? Who am I going to call brown bear now?(Melton) How are you going to stay warm in the winter? I tell them all that it had to do with the diet…
    I had worked out all of my life. Starting at 5 years old with wrestling. I wrestled for 15 years of my life, through pee wee, high school and college. Enduring two-a-day practices for nationals and college level wrestling and never stopping to think about what I would put into my body besides the buffets and beer. I am currently at the same weight I was going into my freshmen year of high school!!
    The guys at work see my progress and I have had a handful of them ask me questions about the way I eat, because they see me measuring out my meals. And I have observed how some of them eat and I want to help them soooo bad. I tell them if they ever need or want help with they way they eat, I would be more than willing to help them. In fact, my Lt. the other day saw me chugging my fish oil and wanted to know more about it. So I gave him some information and included the write up that Matt and Cherie posted a couple of weeks ago(thank you by the way). The Fire service is hard to change. “200 years of tradition unimpeded by progress” is the running joke in the service. But we need to make a change, over 50% of Line of Duty Deaths is from cardiac issues. So I hope I can make a difference.

  8. Mas and Joylyn,
    Do you mind if I take a photo of you and create a shrine? No seriously… You guys have probably reached more people than you realize. It’s awesome! I just love your story. 🙂
    Also, I am beginning to get questions from some people too. They remind me of kind of how I used to be. Inspired, curious and jealous but not quite willing (or confident) to go the extra step of doing it.
    I, too, was very active in sports all my life and even grew up in a family that was dysfunctionally aware of what was going in our mouths. Healthy but not healthy. Let’s commiserate over our bad (even if they were GOOD) decisions and talk talk talk about fixing it… Though I don’t need to go into specifics of how focused my family is on food. It’s just weird and hard to describe really.
    Anyway… I’ve been struggling with what to tell people because when they ask what I eat, all they hear is what I’m not GETTING to eat. They want results too but they can’t beyond judging the amount (or lack thereof)-and then there is the taking issue with the intensity of the workouts. It’s just better if I keep it to myself because I’m not going to defend it to those who are unwilling to understand it. To them it’s just crazy and extreme. If they only knew how great my new group of friends are… *sniff!* They’re missing out, in my opinion.

  9. Jeff McDowell :

    Mas & Joylyn, I’m motivated by reading about all those you affect with CF & nutrition. It’s amazing how the act of others can inspire those to follow. When I talk about success of athletes from our box, your story is one that I speak of. That and my best friend Jared and the one and only Danimal!
    Catherine, I can relate to you about people not willing to except or even consider the possibility of CF. Marines here think I’m totally nuts when I show them my hands all ripped open or talk about the crazy WOD today and how I can’t wait to slay myself in a couple hours. Heck I even get get teased for it and how I gripe that there is nothing healthy in the chow hall all the time.
    So I’ve decided that they can tease or ignore CF all they want but next month when it’s time to run the Combat Fitness Test (which is like a very mild WOD and I mean mild spicy like a bell pepper to a habanero) and I smoke them, they will be like “Holy Snikeys Batman! That’s a bad arse mofo!”

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