Deadlift 90% of 1RM, 5 x 1 rep

Followed by "J.T."

Three rounds, 21 – 15 – 9 for time of:

Handstand push-ups

Ring dips


In honor of Petty Officer Jeff Taylor, age 30, of Little Creek, VA.  J.T. was killed in Afghanistan in June 2005.

Post time to comments.


Mary and Tiffany getting ready for "JT".

We live in a world where physical exercise has become optional.  When did this happen?  The human body needs strength training much like it needs food and water.  One could argue that strength training is the key to remaining independently capable.  During the evolution of modern man, strength, more than anything, determined how much food we ate and thus our survival.

Three weeks ago we began barbell strength training in addition to the workout of the day.  Since then we've noted a couple of things.  First, not a single person has complained about the strength workouts.  Reading this you may think that's not too surprising… let me tell you – it is that surprising!  The strength workouts are as difficult, if not more difficult than the WOD, effectively doubling the amount of work being done at each hour-long session.  Proving again, the mind quits long before the body does.

Another observation is that we've seen ten times the number of personal records being set, whether it's a max load WOD or benchmark metcon WOD (i.e. Fran).  It's not only cool, it's a proven increase in your level of fitness.  If you haven't repeated a workout since we've started the barbell program, don't fret, over the next 9 weeks we'll be repeating a few WOD's. 

Also worth mentioning is each athlete's comfort level not only with barbell movements (deadlift, clean & jerk, snatch…) but also moving heavier weights during a workout.  By systematically assigning loads off a percentage of an athlete's 1RM, the load is specific to that athlete.  Because of this, we've seen athletes willing to apply the correct mechanics more confidently, without the pressure of using a generically prescribed weight.

We are impressed with the enthusiasm with which you all have embraced the strength portion of your WOD.  Continue to take these opportunities to get stronger and push yourself everyday.  Remember - mechanics, consistency and then intensity.  


  1. Anna :

    I personally love the strength workouts. Sometimes I am a little waxed for the WOD, but feel it is bettering my perfomance everyday! I continue to struggle with cardio, but I know that has always been a weak link in my performance. Love burning the extra calories before the WOD though!
    On another note, SAVE THE DATE!!!! Camping in steamboat last weekend of September. All are invited!!!

  2. Holly :

    I also LOVE the strength workouts. yes, it uses some of my WOD energy, but I love being able to see the consistent gains.
    Camping in Steamboat sounds awesome! Keep me posted!

  3. Derek :

    I really like the strength workouts, I feel like it actually helps my WOD performance, I am sure it is all mental but I feel like since I have been pushing myself in the strength workouts that my mind is right and ready to perform in the WOD. Good stuff!

  4. I think the strength workouts warm me up and get me out of the mindset of feeling intimidated by the impending WOD because it all just kind of happens before I realize what’s going on. Obviously the side effect would be getting stronger sooner, so that’s good and also helps the lifts be less intimidating because we’re doing them on a more regular basis.
    Also, had to mod today’s workout more than usual and so help me God, I will get past that. Drives me nuts! Did it though, that’s what counts 🙂
    Great job Noon class!!!

  5. Amy Schaeffer :

    For everyone doing the challenge or who eats zone/paleo:
    Reading the Ominvore’s Dilemma, and In Defense of Food have really been a huge help actually in getting dialed in to the Zone and/or Paleo diet. The information in these two books will change your relationship to food so that instead of using self control to help decide what to eat, you will be using common sense or what seems natural and it will not be such a struggle….at least that is what I got!

  6. Thanks Amy! I’ll check them out 🙂 In an effort to keep on track, I’m also going to see Food, Inc. tomorrow night and I’m considering reading Fast Food Nation again. It originally gave me nightmares and there’s nothing better to turn one off a craving like being totally disgusted. 🙂 Peace.

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