Five rounds for time:

50 Squats

100 Single-unders

Post time to comments

This video is for everyone who has felt weird and/or awkward doing a clean, slipped on a box jump and bashed your shin, slipped off the pull-up bar while furiously doing pull-ups and fallen onto your back, awoken the morning after doing a few too many GHD movements and are unable to move, gagged after having done too many sit-ups, or, just generally been humbled by your daily WOD.  Just remember, it could be worse. Enjoy!

***This Sunday, Jared and Amy are hosting a post-Paleo Challenge potluck.  This is your chance to come in and put a name to a face of all the athletes that you haven't met.  It's also your chance to share your favorite Paleo recipe that you found during the seven week challenge.  We hope to announce the winners of the Challenge at the party, so make sure you get your photos and measurements taken today or tomorrow.  By the way, this will not be a Paleo-only party – Amy and Jared are getting a keg.

The party will be held at 5800 Tower Rd. Denver 80249.  See the map below for directions.  Be there at 2pm and stay until you've stuffed yourself with Paleo pancakes and beer.  Let everyone know you're coming – post to comments!***

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  1. Anna :

    So Alan and I both work on Sunday. I know a few of us wanted to hit the town on Saturday night. Any thoughts or suggestions, give us a call 303-562-4992. We want to celebrate too!!!

  2. Tamma the CF Hamma :

    WASSUP VERVE! Just wanted to fill ya in from CA.
    I OFFICIALLY set history yesterday! I set one goal for myself after starting at Verve with you all. I have never done a pull-up in my life, EVER, and yesterday I finally did 2 unassisted in row! Then did the 100 pull ups on Angie with a white band. VERY EXCITED!
    Def miss working out with guys. Its a very different style out here.
    Matt and Cherie:
    Hope all is well and to let you know , you guys aren’t just great people and athletes…your AMAZING trainers!!! Truly miss your encyclopedia of knowledge.
    Paleo Challenge:
    I have not broke Paleo or Zone since I have been here and the benefits have been great. I am down to 226 which is a total weight loss of 27lbs since my start at Verve. I have never felt better in my life and I am killing the WODS now. (LOL well for me..not Chan style tho)
    See you all at the games!

  3. Tamma the CF Hamma :

    Oh damn..I started at 263lbs so thats actually a 37lb total weight loss!

  4. Chris :

    A keg of red bridge or real beer…….

  5. tiffany :

    darn! not sure if i can make it sunday…but i will try!!

  6. tiffany :

    Tammer!!!! that is amazing! great job in pullup land!

  7. Amy Schaeffer :

    The keg will be NON- paleo but I will be sure to pick up Red Bridge for those who are continuing on with Paleo. I have to get the keg today and if anyone has a preference, let me know. I love wheat beers but know that many don’t so I am not sure what a good, neutral beer would be?
    Also, there is a full kitchen at the club house with a full-size fridge so you can prepare pretty much anything there if you choose.
    Tammer, awesome job!!!! You are CrossFit!

  8. Gerson M :

    Yes… great way for me to start Paleo, pancakes n beer! Deffy-gonna try to make it

  9. Joylyn :

    I’ll be bringing some of my favorite candy for the pinata tomorrow, with leftovers to give to Sunday! Can’t wait! Alan & Anna–you down for some dessert Saturday night? Mas is working, so maybe some chocolate cake will be my date!
    Tammer–that is awesome! Keep up the good work! Are we even gonna recognize you when you get back? You are missed!

  10. Matt :

    There’s a roller derby at the Fillmore on Saturday night if anyone’s interested. It supposed to be a blast AND it’s a doubleheader!

  11. Anna :

    That could be a lot of fun, Matt. Anyone up for dinner and dessert, then maybe rollerderby afterwards? On saturday night? We could eat at the hornet, or dbar or pfchangs. Any ideas, not very familar with denver.

  12. Congrats to all on making it through paleo! i wish i could come celebrate on Sunday..but i’ll be back at home in the ATL, (eating some amazing homecooked, non-paleo food!) A couple of us were talking about having a Verve night out next Saturday night (May 2), (or May 9th if that works better for more people) lemme know if your interested and which date works the best 5/2 or 5/9, and we’ll up with a plan! one of my good friends is on the roller dolls,its defintely some good entertainment, enjoy the binging this weekend!! 🙂 p.s. Tammer: your the man, thats incredible!! i miss working out with you, class just isn’t the same without your humor and music!!!!

  13. Joylyn :

    Emmalee and I are in for Roller Derby!!! We have to find out when try-outs will be too.

  14. Anna :

    Hey Joylyn, what tryouts?

  15. Chris :

    roller derby rocks, especially when you can get big boy PBRs, its a good time!

  16. Amy Schaeffer :

    I am in for Rollerderby!!! Hopefully I won’t get kicked out but we’ll just have to wait and see. And Anna, I would love to do dinner and dessert.
    Melissa, I am sad you won’t be there Sunday but jealous you get to have some good home cooking! Also, the 9th works best for me but I can make the 2nd so either way, I will be there.
    Hope to see a bunch of you Sunday!

  17. Anna :

    So what is this I here about a pinata??? Sounds like fun. When and where? Amy, what would be good restraunt near the fillmore?

  18. Erin :

    Roller Derby sounds fantastic!! Count me in!!! Erin

  19. Stef Baulsir :

    YESSSSS!!!! So excited for roller derby. Can we make a roller derby team?!?! Lol! Tomorrow night sounds like a blast 🙂 Go CF people. Whoot whoot.

  20. Anna :

    The plan for Saturday night as follows
    Dinner and most definetly dessert at the Cheeky Monk in Denver at 1800, 6pm. Then from there go to the roller derby. Hope you all can come. Call or post if your comin so I can try to make a reservation. 303-562-4992

  21. tiffany :

    i’m in…sounds like fun!

  22. Joylyn :

    Roller Derby is quite popular from what I hear, so everyone seriously think about buying tickets early! See you there!

  23. Cherie :

    Tammer it is so good to hear from you. What gym are you going to? You are seriously missed. Send us your photo, measurements and weight to conclude the paleo challenge.
    Roller derby, I’m in for the try outs, sounds like fun. Do we all need matching tattoos?

  24. Doug :

    How could I possibly turn down a night of roller derby? Count me in too.

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