Breakfast on the go, go!

So how are you doing on the challenge?  I hope everyone is doing great!  We know that people are extremely busy now a days, and getting a good breakfast in might seem daunting sometime.  We have come up with some quick and easy ways to get your day started fast!

Mini egg quiche
18 eggs- 18P
6oz diced ham- 6P
1cup of chopped mushrooms- .33C
1cup of tomatoes- 1C
2/3cup of chopped onion- 1C
4cups of shredded spinach- 1C
2 cupcake pans
Mrs. Dash seasoning

Pre-heat the oven to 350F.  Mix all of the veggies in a bowl chopped, or use a food processor.  When mixed together, then add to the eggs and ham.  Add the shredded spinach to the mix.
Spray the cupcake pans with non-stick spray.  Spoon a 1/4cup of the mix into each cupcake hole in the pans.  Place in the oven and cook for 20 minutes.  This is mainly a quick protein, each quiche will give you 1P .13C 0F so the Carbs are minuscule.  They do give a little bit of taste that is very good!

Paleo pancakes
3/4cup of apple sauce- 2C
1/4cup of almond butter- 21F
4 eggs- 4P
1tsp Vanilla extract
1tsp of cinnamon
1Tbs of Coconut oil- 9F

Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl.  Use a flat skillet pan to cook the pancakes.  Heat the pan with coconut oil, then pour 1oz of the mix to make one pancake.  Not to worry, they will expand and become a little larger.  Cook on both sides for 3 to 4 minutes and viola!  You have yourself a tasty little cake.  This mix will make 16 pancakes.  Per pancake you will have: .25P .13C 1.8F.  Top will some yummy fresh fruit, or make a compot with blueberries.

So you can see that these recipes are not down to the exact specifications that one might need for a 3P 3C 3F meal.  But they will help you in a pinch when you are running short on time.  Prepare these recipes at the begining of your week, and you will never have an excuse to miss a meal.


Breakfast of Champions par deux

Oz breakfast

Someone is REALLY excited about breakfast!!!


Are you starting your day off on the right foot?  Are you ready to tackle anything that gets in your way?  There is a fine balance in life that we strive for.  The balance of: enough sleep, proper nutrition, mental and physical activity in our day.  If you are Zoning or Paleo/Zoning, are you getting all your blocks in? 


I know in our hectic schedules, getting all of your blocks or even getting good blocks are hard to come by.  Believe me, I know how hard it is to get up a half hour earlier than you usually do to get in a good breakfast.  Your breakfast can make or break your day when it comes to energy.  You can choose to have the quick breakfast with the instant shakes and lots of carbs, which by 10 o’clock you are ready to devour the home made cookies that someone brought in (I speak from experience).  Or, you can choose to have a well-rounded breakfast that will sustain you until lunch.   

Timing is essential to proper nutrition.  Eating within an hour of waking is key to getting your metabolism a.k.a. your “furnace” stoked and ready to burn all day long.  After breakfast, try to eat within a 3-5 hour window from the last time you ate.  This might seem daunting when you have to work all day.  Don’t neglect your body, or it will catch up with you in the form of poor nutrition choices latter in the day.  Have a plan of attack.  Paleo kits are killer for the mid-day snack.  Staying on the no more than 5 hour window will also help in getting 5 meals in a day.

No one said this was going to be easy.  If it were, then America would not be in the middle of obesity pandemic.  Society has made our lives into a “Drive thru hell,”  where convenience and a sedentary life style have changed us from: you eat what you have killed/gathered, to “Oh, there’s only two cars waiting in the drive thru at KFC!”  

Be converted.  Drink the kool-aid.  Live a happy and fulfilled life.  You are a Champion.  Now eat like one.

Ingredients to a well-rounded breakfast:
1.  You need to have your Proteins- eggs, fish, leftover rotisserie chicken, leftover steak (my favorite).
2.  Carbs that will last- sure, fruits are so tasty in the morning, but don’t ignore the veggies. They will burn longer in your “furnace” than the fruit.  Consider broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, etc.
3.  Healthy fats- Avocados are the bomb!  Almond butter and nuts will help keep the hunger at bay. 

What are your favorite breakfast recipes?  What keeps you going all morning and more productive in life?  We would love your recipes and photos of your masterpieces to share with everyone.   


“Sir, may I have some more please” Cereal


Cereal?  Paleo?  Zone?  Is this a joke?

Nope, peeps, it’s for real.  In fact, once you try this it’s very likely you’ll never want to go back to those goofy, leaky gut, gluten & grain cereals.  Do you miss your morning oatmeal, how it used to warm you from the inside out and stick to your ribs?  Whether you are looking for something new in your breakfast routine or wanting something new and yummy in your belly for dessert–check this out!


  • Apple (1/2 = 1C)
  • Almonds (3= 1F)
  • Cinnamon to taste (freebie)
  • A bit of Mother Earth’s thirst quenching H20


  • Block out your apple and almonds according to your needs, chop up the apple 
  • Add everything to a blender (another great use other than the usual margaritas)
  • Add some water, enough to cover the bottom of the blender
  • Roughly chop/pulse/blend to your liking
  • Pour into a microwave safe bowl, cover, warm for approx 1-2 min
  • Top with some extra cinnamon and wee bit extra fruit (berries, banana, etc)

You can make a larger batch of this and store it in the fridge, or just make it as needed.  If zoning, just block out your carbs and fats.  

For instance, if making this for a complete 3 block breakfast:  

3 eggs scrambled (3P), 1/2 cup chopped bell pepper (1C,) 2 cups spinach (1C) 

Cereal made with 1/2 apple (1C), 9 almonds (3F)

Paleo Pancakes

This was posted by Anna to the comment page.  It is Paleo-friendly with Zone blocks listed.  

2 Eggs
1/2 c Nut Butter (not peanut butter), we used Almond Butter
1/2 cup Unsweetned Applesauce
1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, I added more because I like the flavor
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract, I added more because of flavor.

Mix all ingredients, cook in skillet on medium heat in cocnut oil. Make sure batter is set in pan before fliping and cook on medium to make sure it is cooked all the way through.

This recipe makes 3 servings at 1/2 carb block, 1/2 protein, and 15 fat.

We figured one serving was a little over a 1/4 cup.

You can serve with Turkey Bacon and Fruit if you wish.

Fruit Topping:

Put frozen fruit into a sauce pan on medium heat.  Add a little bit of coconut milk and cover, stirring occasionally.  It should be somewhat soupy so that it covers the entire pancake.

Depending on what fruit is used, the amounts will differ.  Here, I used strawberries and blueberries so did 1/2 c strawberries, and 1/2 c blueberries, which added 2 carb blocks.

2 Block Breakfast

2 block breakfast:

2 egg whites (1 protein block)

1 oz leftover grilled chicken sausage (1 protien block)

0.3 c of steel cut oats (1 carb block)

1 c strawberrrys and 1 teaspoon low-fat plain yogurt (1 carb block)

1 walnut diced (2 fat blocks)

Make this into a 3 block breakfast (pictured) by adding 2 egg whites, 0.3 c of steel oat, and a half a walnut.

Yummy Yummy this will keep you full until your next snack.