Do you allow Drop-ins?
We love drop-ins. You can check out our schedule link for class-times and spaces. You can set-up an account and sign-up as a drop-in. The drop-in fee is $20 for one time or $50 for one week. Please try and arrive 5 minutes early to fill out a waiver and meet the coach. Altitude sickness hasn’t been an issue with any visitors so far, but may be more of a concern if going up to the mountains, etc. Nonetheless, sometimes the altitude can make the running/rowing/breathing a little more noticeable for visitors but is self-limiting. Please be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your workout.

I want to try CrossFit before I join, how do I go about doing this?
We offer a free intro class two Saturdays of every month at 8:00am. You can check out our schedule for exact dates and spaces available. Once you’ve found it, set-up an account for this free class.

Why do you require a test out if I have been doing CrossFit before joining Verve?
We believe technique is the gateway to getting stronger, healthier and fitter. In order for us to understand what is unique about you and your movements and for you to understand our form expectations and cueing, we have to meet one-on-one. Our test out goes over all nine foundational movements, olympic lifting and basic gymnastics.  We expect that you are able to perform these basic movements without instruction as to what they are, this lets us know you are safe to join group classes and that you will not require the bulk of the coaches attention.  We will also assess your movement and offer suggestions for improvement and injury prevention techniques.  Please beware there is no guarantee that an individual will pass a test out.  If you have been doing CrossFit for less then 3 months we recommend going through our Elements or Foundations program.  We do all this because we truly care about your health, fitness and safety. Price of the test-out is $75 for the one-on-one, one-hour session.  It’s treated like a Personal Training session.

What is a WOD?
An abbreviation for the workout of the day.

I have an injury, can I still do CrossFit?
CrossFit is not only a general physical preparedness program, it is also rehabilitative in that it takes the body through a full range of motion about the joint. Proper movement stimulates healing by generating blood flow to the affected areas. We have seen and helped conditions ranging from Parkinson’s to broken bones, to chronic injuries in the soft tissue or joints. If it can happen to the human body, chances are we’ve seen it. How we approach injuries is a learning process between you and us. We want to know the when and what of the injury. From there we can attack the “how to heal”. We have two options for this. We can explain to you our methods and you can scale the WOD’s appropriately or we can arrange personal training session to get you on the healing path.

Kids? Do you allow Kids at CrossFit Verve?
As of yet, our athletes do not often bring their children to classes, but when they do we ask that they stay by the couches near the mobility area when classes are in session, for safety. We have a front lounge area with couches that the kids can hang out on. This usually lends itself well for the older kids that can supervise themselves, as we don’t have anyone to supervise them.

For children 4 years old and younger, we ask to please join our “Familes Welcome” WOD on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday morning at 9am where we will have someone available to watch the kiddos.

Do you have a guest policy?
I’m a Verve member and I have a friend, sister, brother, alien coming in town who I’d like to bring with me to Verve. We love you and all your friends. Please see our drop-in policy above for fees and how to.

How much fish oil do you recommend I take?
Three to five grams a day of EPA/DHA, increasing dosage for injury, disease or recovery when needed.

Can I bring a friend/loved one to the nutrition lecture?
Yes please do, it is free to the community.