Friday 101203

Four rounds for time of:

500m Row
Rest 3 minutes

Post times to comments.

Warm-up, during the Turkey WOD.  

What’s all this talk about Grass-fed beef?

For years, we have let the Beef industry feed us an inferior protein from grain-fed cows because it is cheaper and easier to process.  What they do not tell you is how much you are missing out on when you choose grain-fed over grass-fed.  

Let's just look at a couple of comparisons between the two:

The calorie count: If you are on a calorie restricting diet, you will be glad to know that grass-fed beef has less calories than a grain-fed beef.  Example, for a 6oz steak, the grass-fed has 100 fewer calories than that of a grain-fed steak. (This is what we mean when we say lean meats).  

Fats, good and bad: Grass-fed beef is on the same line of healthy eating as skinless chicken.  Grass-fed has half to one-third less fat than that of grain-fed.  In fact, it has about the same amount of fat as a skinless chicken.  Being that it is a more lean meat, it helps lower your LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol).  

Omega 3’s: That’s right, it’s not just in fish.  Grass-fed beef contains two to six times more Omega 3’s than grain-fed.  The little moo-moo’s get their Omega 3’s from the green, green grass they eat on a daily basis.  Sure, a grain-fed cow will have some Omega 3’s.  But, the longer the cow is in a feed lot, the lower the level of Omega 3’s.

These are just a few benefits from consuming grass-fed beef instead of grain-fed.  Now here is a question for you.  Are you interested in ordering some grass-fed beef?  We are considering placing a chest freezer at the new gym and stocking it with steaks, roasts, and ground beef from a local ranch.  

Leave a comment detailing your interest.  Check out this link for more information.  SearleRanch


  1. Fonger :

    Beef good. I’m interested.

  2. Rich :

    So would we be able to buy a steak after a WOD to take home and grill?!?!?! I love it if thats the case!!!

  3. sara w :

    I want to buy some cow! Willing to go in on 1/4, or wait for the gym freezer. Either way, i want some grass fed beef! Yum.

  4. tiff :

    Def interested!

  5. Nicole S :

    Yup for me

  6. Jamey :

    very interested

  7. kiley :

    I’m down to by some beef

  8. kiley :

    I ment buy…lamb if they have it too 🙂

  9. robyn :

    I would be extremely interested too:)

  10. GregB :

    I have a small crummy freezer but I like beef! I would be in for some steaks or ground whatever if someone wanted to share.

  11. Emmalee :

    MMmmmmmm I’m in

  12. gerson :

    sounds good so i’m in!

  13. stef :

    BEEF!!! I want in… Sorry, I’m so from Boulder. But I’m going to guess the grass fed cow’s are treated better. I want to support that part 🙂

  14. Kim :

    I’m in…..

  15. Slaughter :

    Count me in, i want the top round

  16. Stacey E :

    I’m in as well

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