Monday 110425

Complete as many muscle-ups as possible in 30:00

Post reps to comments.

Ben Dutton working his muscle-ups with his spotter.

Are gymnastics movements the bane of your CrossFit existence?  Can you lift heavy weights and move a long distance quickly, but struggle with even the simplest bodyweight exercises?  Carl Paoli of GymnasticsWOD.comSan Francisco CrossFit and Naka athletics will be presenting a one day seminar on freestyle gymnastics at CrossFit Verve.  Coach Paoli will lecture and put you through practical sessions on how gymnastics will improve your agility, mobility and versatility for everyday WOD’s.    


Coach Paoli was an elite gymnast in Spain for 15 years, he moved to San Francisco to pursue an education in marine biology.  He is going to share his knowledge with you and give you pointers on: rope climbing, handstand push ups, backflip and pistols.  Come and join us and take home some valuable information that can get you to the next level in CrossFit. If you need more information or are interested click here to register.  Space is limited.


  1. Ali :

    Great events took place at the 6am today! Congrats Dane on your first MU! I think he ended up doing like 3 more after that too….it was awesome!

  2. Dane :

    thanks! i ended with 5 total. it was pretty cool. thats for the support that is why I love coming each morning.

  3. Rich :

    Wish I wasn’t missing out at Verve today – however I will be doing this WOD tonight!
    Also, 9 hours remain before the price increases for the Tough Mudder in June! I registered this morning, and am stoked for it!!!
    Team: CrossFit Verve
    Password: fo sho

  4. Karim :

    Got 31. The skin on my wrists started tearing off around 20. Didn’t realize i was so dainty. Ha! Congrats to Dane!
    Rumor has it that a 5:30 am class might be in the works. If so I would definitely partake at least once or twice a week.

  5. Joylyn :

    Congrats Dane!
    I’m hearing rumors of AMAZING work in all the morning classes and noon class so far. Lots of first MU’s today 🙂 YAY!!!
    Congrats to Bob, Patrick, and Mike E!

  6. Kiley :

    congrats to all the amazing noon peeps who got their first MU!!

  7. Friends! We all love bacon, right? You know the Yay! Bacon! post card on the board at Verve? I shared Easter dessert with the great couple who created the idea and company. Really, super nice people! I told them that the positive messages they create are just what CrossFit people love. Here is their website. Please go check it out and pass it along. Peace.

  8. jackie :

    1st ever attempts at MU’s and you get 5! Way to go hot stuff!

  9. Cherie :

    YEAH to all the firsts today! Wish I was there

  10. Jorge :

    108 Rx

  11. Rich :

    Jorge – WOW! That’s impressive.
    66 Rx’d for me, stopped at 25:10 due to skin ripping on my hand… Great WOD!!!

  12. Cherie :

    Jorge I’m a little worried about 108 reps please drink a lot of water and let us know how you feel tomorrow!

  13. David S :

    52 RX

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