As a team, complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

50 Meters overhead plate lunges, 25#/10#


Hang power cleans 95#/65#

This is a team workout.  Rotation of exercise is determined by the athlete completing the lunges.  All members must be working together. 

Post total reps for sit-ups and HPC's to comments.


Be afraid, Mr. Halloween preparing to paint 300 zombies.

It's going to be a scary fun time.  Come in costume for today's 9am and 10am WOD's.  Best dressed for each class wins some loot.  You'll be the judges.


  1. Victoria :

    Happy Halloween everyone! I wish I could go to the dress up WOD today but I’m already at work setting up for a 1000 gorillas to run the streets of downtown. If your in the area, come say hi!
    Have a fantastic day guys!

  2. derek :

    Just wanted to say that today’s WOD was really fun. Sorry I flaked out on breakfast after words while I was at the bank I realized that I was was missing my nephews play off football game. Looking forward to the nutrition talk tomorrow I always seem to learn a lot at those things. Have fun and be safe tonight folks

  3. CC :

    Thanks everyone for a great festive WOD.
    Hillary have you found your dog?

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