Happy Turkey Day

Four rounds for time

30 Goblet squats 53#/35#

30 Push-ups

30 Sit-ups

Post total time to comments.


Joylyn and Mas finished their Elements course today!  Joylyn is doing 85# thrusters here.

On a day to be thankful, we are thankful to all of our members for believing in us during the infancy of our box.  We are amazed at how many wonderful people have crossed our path and found their way into the Verve family.  So a big thank you to; Alan, Anna, Ben, Anthony, Amy, Jared, Kristin, Mike, Cheresa, Jason, Cassandra, Joei, Hillary, Liz, Emmalee, Kiley, Dan, Joylyn, Mas, James, Jen, and Stefanie.


Mr. Energy drink himself with a 285# clean – a PR!

Most of you are aware that the Verve parents are avid consumers of energy drinks/caffeine.  This months CF journal has shed some not to surprising light on the subject.  Including a case of a DUI in California and there ban in some countries.

"Irritability. Heart arrhythmia. Osteoporosis. Withdrawal pains. Adrenal failure. The huge quantities of stimulants in energy drinks can make them as risky as “real” drugs.  Energy drinks are simply meth in a can.  Yes, meth-methamphetamine, a highly addictive central nervous system stimulant.  The more meth you take, the more you crave it and the more you need it.  The same applies to energy drinks". – CrossFit Journal November 2008.

Check out this  Vid


  1. thal :

    Congrats on the 285 PR Matt! Happy Thanksgiving to you all at the Verve. From you brothers at CF Parker Fire.

  2. Thanks Thal. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Parker Fire. We’ll be seeing you soon!
    Emmalee 19:38
    Ben 17:52
    Cass 21:37 (24#, 3rds)
    Amy 21:01
    Jared 21:24
    Great job guys, you’ve earned your turkey. Glad to see that there are people like us out there, unwilling to take a day off simply for some national holiday. I kid, I kid…

  3. Emmalee :

    Really liked the video! Energy Legs!!!

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