For time:

10 Thrusters, 135# (90#)

50 Double unders 

8 Thrusters, 135# (90#)

40 Double unders

6 Thrusters, 135# (90#)

30 Double unders

4 Thrusters, 135# (90#)

20 Double unders

2 Thrusters, 135# (90#)

10 Double unders

Post time and thoughts to comments.


Rich is getting ready for a deployment overseas – he'll be ready for it.

General physical preparedness – its a term that you'll see/hear buzzing around the CrossFit community and it's what makes CrossFit so special.  We are not of the belief that our athletes should be experts in any one sport, task, skill, and so on.  We firmly believe that by generating a capacity at random tasks and specializing in not specializing at any one task, we will prepare you for any and everything.  Our aim is to generate as broad an adaptational response as possible – this goal is reached by constantly varied programming. 

Some people prepare themselves for the biking season by riding hundreds of miles on a stationary trainer.  Yes, this is decent training for the cyclist.  But, life throws us curveballs.  Right smack dab in the middle of preparing for cycling, we get a 2 foot dump of snow.  For the next several days, this cyclist will be aching from a lack of weightlifting and gymnastics work… a chink in the armor exposed by hours of shoveling.  What we'd prefer to see is a cyclist that is capable of shoveling for hours, skiing all day, playing with the kids at the park, biking all sorts of terrain, able to carry in 10 loads of groceries, and climb any and everything – all the while, not specifically training for any one specific sport.  This is CrossFit.


  1. Matt :

    Again, I’d like to thank Amy for her additions to the Fuel page. For anyone that hasn’t seen it, check it out. She’s super thorough and the meals are superb.

  2. anthony :

    Hey guys just wanted to take the chance to say thank you to all of you for making my winter so fun. It was great to see everyone’s development and personal successes. I can’t wait to see where everyone is at this fall. I really enjoyed the amazing positivity that you all brought to the gym; it made for a really fun work environment. Keep up all the hard work.

  3. Dan :

    It was awesome training with you–thanks for getting me started! Keep us posted on here if you can. Have a safe season.

  4. Zac Pine :

    Great workout today!! When I couldn’t move my legs or breathe. Can’t wait to adapt to your atmosphere up here. Next time I will just stab my self in the lungs. Lets do it again!

  5. jaRed :

    Anthony, Thanks for being such a great support and inspiration. Your passion is very infectious. Thank you for making a positive difference for myself and others.
    Matt, great post today! You seem to be able to find all the ways that I want to say it in my head but it gets lost somewhere on the way to my mouth.
    Dan, Great job with travel WOD’s and please keep sharing your photos. Give us some random background, handstand pushup pictures.
    Zac, Welcome back to Denver! Hope to soon kill the WOD at your intensity.
    Excited to see the new highlights.

  6. emmalee :

    Thank you again! Good look with your intense job, you will be missed this summer! Can’t wait for you to return.

  7. Amy Schaeffer :

    Great, now who am I going to talk Chuck Norris with? Plus, I feel like you (Anthony) have unfinished business with Buddy Lee and his shrine……..
    Just jokes! Can’t wait to see you when you get back!

  8. Anna :

    Stay safe out there, we want to see you back for the competitions. Thanks for all the encouragement during the WODS.
    Another good recipe
    Almond crusted chicken
    White fish, we used tilapia
    olive oil, however much fat you need, 1/3
    tsp= 1 block fat
    almond meal
    Drizzle the fish, or chicken, with olive oil, we added basil, then dredge in almond meal. Then bake fish for about 10 minutes at 375 till golden crunchy.
    I also found a great way to cook veggies.
    Vegetable Harvest
    bell pepper
    carrots, about 4 cut into 1 inch pieces
    1 head of cabbage
    Core the cabbage and split into 4 pieces
    Arrange in a foil “pouch.” Arrange other veggies around cabbage. Make sure to measure out portions to know how many blocks of carbs you have. Then drizzle with olive oil and spices you like. We used cajun seasoning. Seal all together and grill it on medium heat for about 20 minutes, until tender. We baked our pouch of veggies in a pan in the foil at about 375. Make sure there is a good seal for the steam to not escape. You could do this with any veggies really.

  9. tiffany :

    Back from Utah!!! Can’t wait to get back in for some WODs…
    paleo style was umm….limited backpacking. very happy to have my SALT-free protiens and vegetables again. no more jerky and dried fruit for a really really long time!!!! =)

  10. Joylyn :

    Firehouse WOD today with crew.
    12:06 with minimal radio interruption

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