Homemade Paleo Kits

I made nine snacks of varying blocks per snack from 3 blocks to 2 blocks and 1 blocks.  I measured them out and put them in zip locks to make for easy travel. The total cost per baggie was $2.70 for the 3 block snacks, $1.80 for the 2 blockers and $0.90 for the 1 blockers.  Pretty cheap when compared to store bought varieties, so well worth the 10 minutes it takes to measure everything out.
You’ll need a sharpie, a scale and some sandwich bags 

Dried Mango (no sugar added)
You can put a variety of things in these snack packs. I actually bought a container of dried peaches as well to make more, so be creative and use ingredients you love.
Block counts for each of the ingredients:

Jerky: On this particular brand the back said 12g of P for 1 oz of product.  There is also some carbs and some fat in the Jerky.  I considered this negligible and moved on as there are carbs and fat in meat as well. Here is how I figured out the blocks.  If you buy the same jerky (World Kitchen’s Old Fashion at Sunflower market) you can just use my math and be done with it.

12g of Protein for 1 oz of jerky,
1 oz weight on the scale is 28 grams
I need 3 different portion sizes, 3blocks, 2 blocks and 1block.
Those come out to:
3blocks is 21gm of P
2blocks is 14gm of P
1block is 7gm of P
IMG 26682 300x199 Tuesday 120710
To figure this out I continue to cut the portion size until I have a manageable number.  I find this is the easiest way.  A manageable number would be one that divides into 7 or close to as 1block of P = 7gms. So half of a serving size from this jerky is 6 gms of protein (that’s pretty close, but I’m a lunatic so I break it down twice more to get 3.5gms (we’re talking weight here) is 1.5gms of P).  Now I do the math to get to 21, 14 and 7 grams of P.  Please be aware we are using grams in two ways here.  One as a physical weight on the scale and one as how much protein is contained in that weight on the scale.
To get 3 blocks of protein put 49gms of P on the scale, to get 2 blocks you put 35gms on the scale and to get 1 block you put 17.5gms on the scale.  Confused yet?
Next the mangos, I’ll need:
3blocks is 27gm of C
2blocks is 18gm of C
1block is 9gm of C
The packages states 24gms of C in 1oz.  I do as I did for the protein and break it in halves until the number is manageable and divisible by 9.  That ends up being 3gms of C in 1/8 of an oz (If you are using grams on your scale it’s 3.5gms weight).
To get 3 blocks of carbohydrates put 31gms of C on the scale, to get 2 blocks you put 23gms on the scale and to get 1 block you put 11.5gms on the scale.
Next the Pistachios: I found this conversion on the web 3 nuts = 1Block of Fat so…
To get 3 blocks of fat = 9 nuts, to get 2 blocks = 6 nuts and to get 1 block = 3 nuts.
Put them in baggies, label them and you’re ready to go.
IMG 26732 300x200 Tuesday 120710
Here is a quick reference as the above may be confusing.
3Block snack equals 49grams(weight on scale) of Jerky, 31 grams (weight on scale) of mango and 9 nuts
2Block snack equals 35grams(weight on scale) of Jerky, 23 grams (weight on scale) of mango and 6 nuts
1Block snack equals 17.5grams(weight on scale) of Jerky, 11.5 grams (weight on scale) of mango and 3 nuts


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