Friday 110311

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Chest to bar Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips
15 Overhead squat, 95#/65#

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 Scott getting his mobility on.

Mental Fortitude

Have you wondered if your mind is fit for CrossFit?

CrossFit workouts don't only test your physical limitations, but how mentally tough you are.  They push you to the point that you question your limits of skill and ability.  “Can I do this?  How many more reps are left? That was heavy!”.  These are some of the things that run through my mind.  

We need to "get comfortable with uncomfortable," but what does that mean?  We need to find that dark place in all of us that we can pull from to get us through these workouts.  We need to take thoughts of doubt, fear, and negativity out of  our minds and replace them with an attitude of how you are going to dismantle this workout to defeat it. 

Stay calm and relax, you can always do one more rep.

Recognize, refocus, and realize where your strengths and weakness are, address them, and leverage off of them.  

Push your mind, go to that dark place.  Pain is temporary.  Tell yourself you can do it, you are going to get that last 10 reps unbroken, that 5# increase for a PR.  

Keep your mind on the goal.  Don't let missed reps or set backs affect the entire workout.  Take the time to have full range of motion, proper technique and take pride on that and how it will benefit you.  Breath, visualize and push through just one more, and then one more and then one more. 

Get comfortable with uncomfortable. 


  1. Nate Rader :

    6rds + 8
    75# ohs
    That got hard pretty quick. The burn feels good afterward though

  2. Slaughter :

    OPT baby

  3. Big Beck :

    am I the only one counting it down to the end of the nutrition challenge? 1 more week, right?

  4. Donna :

    A few of us 6 am’ers are adding a few more weeks to the challenge. Anyone else interested? The prize for the extended challenge is a nicer ass. I mean your own.

  5. Greg B :

    Donna I have seen some of the 6 amers and I am not sure that your prize is even possible. There is a lot of perfection going around at 6 am!

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