Tuesday 110308

For max loads:

Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1
Push press 3-3-3-3-3
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 

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Julia stabilizing her mid-line, while supporting a load overhead.

Mid-line stability

Most people think of “mid-line stabilization” as strengthening your abs. The image we all want, a six-pack to look at in the mirror and show off at Water World this summer.  So people do crunches and everything else to build that ripped front half.  But we want you to think of “mid-line stability” as more,  not just a pretty washboard, but a 360 degree belt of safety.

Core muscle pic
Mid-line stability includes not just your abdominal muscles, but also your hips, psoas, spinal erectors, glutes, and hamstrings.  Your posterior chain helps with stability more than you think.  These large muscle groups will keep your back safe, if all are engaged correctly.

Here is one way to stabilize, while moving a heavy load.  Imagine a balloon, it is weak without any air, once you fill it with air, it expands and becomes stronger, able to withstand more stress.  We are the same, when we fill our lungs with air, this presses our diaphragm down into our belly and with our abdominals engaged, allows conscious stabilization before moving a heavy load. Taking a split second to do this before moving weight will help you move it safely and efficiently. When we learn to engage and stabilize our mid-line, whether large loads of light, we get faster and stronger, while staying safer.  Don't neglect this important concept of your training, it is a magic pills of fitness.


  1. robyn :

    Is there hotdog and cupcakes tonight? time? Just double checking

  2. Matt :

    Nope not tonight. They will be on the schedule tonight or tomorrow morning. Workouts are progrMmed, ready to be done.
    Anybody out there have a realtor friend they would like to refer in the Ft. Collins area. My good buddy Todd is moving this way.
    Also…. Time to register!
    Team is Verve!

  3. Donna :

    An interesting article on eating right and longevity. Of course, it’s easier to eat really healthy when you are a billionaire with a controlling interest in Dole and you have a slew of folks taking care of your personal vegetable gardens and cooking for you. What’s nice is that this guy is funding a lot of research on nutrition.

  4. Julia Ghoulia kicks ass!
    On another note. MY WRISTS!!!! I had a hard time with this workout.

  5. Greg B :

    OOO Donna I vote to be the billionaire with a personal chef and all those other things you mentioned. How do I get have that?

  6. Nat :

    190#- SP
    215# PP
    220# PJ
    Love this WOD!

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