Mix and Match Burger Time

Awh yes… The American burger.  What is more American than a hamburger?  Not much: baseball, apple pie…  Eating paleo does not mean that you cannot enjoy this American classic; we just have to be creative.  Here are some staples that you will need when you are making a paleo burger.  Lets break it down to the three macro-nutrients: 


    – Lean beef, I mean lean.  None of this 80%/20% crap.  80/20     still has 5g of fat in each ounce.  That would be 10 blocks of fat in a 3oz patty!  You need at least 95%/5% ground beef.  Measure 1.5oz per block. 

    – Ground Turkey, 1.5 oz per block means you can make that patty supper sized!!  But watch out for the sodium.  

    – Chicken, chicken burgers can be great with the right toppings.

    – Salmon burgers are making a run at being our favorite protein.  It is tasty and full of healthy Omega 3 fats.  1.5oz per block


  • Yummy salsa, Pace or 505 salsa are some favorites .5c = 1C
  • Onions, raw or sautéed will make your burger tasty.  .5c cooked= 1C, 2/3c=1C raw
  • Mushrooms, you can have a boat load of them sautéed  3c=1C!!
  • Bell peppers: sliced, diced, and sautéed  1 1/4c=1C
  • Pineapples, perfect for that chicken burger!  1/2c=1C
  • Bib lettuce, great as buns for your delicious burger.  Seeing that you need 6cups for 1C, these can be freebies.  
  • Remember that you can mix in jalapenos, spinach, green chilies and other carbs into your burger mix to change things up.  


  • Avocados, yummmm.  1Tbs=1F
  • Guacamole, is that paleo?  Here is a handy recipe for some  paleo guac:

     1 Avocado

     Cilantro chopped

     1/2c chopped white onion

     1 minced jalapeno

     juice of one lime

     no salt seasoning to taste

Mix all the ingredients.  1/2Tbs=1F 


These should all be freebies 

  • chili powder
  • pepper 
  • Mr. Dash
  • cumin
  • red pepper flakes


These are just a few examples of how you can be creative.  Send us your favorite recipe with a picture and we will post it.  





  1. Trixie :

    Love your recipes!! BTW: How do I weigh meat prior to cooking so I end up w/ the right size/block burger??

  2. Joylyn :

    Hi Trixie, glad you like the fuel posts!
    We usually mix/season all of the burger mix in a big bowl and then measure out 1.5oz per Protein block. So for instance, I make my burgers 3P, so each is roughly 4.5oz prior to cooking. Often ground beef is said to be 1oz=1P, but 1.5oz is a better measurement due to the fact that a little fat is added to all ground beef for cooking.
    If you are using lean meat, you shouldn’t lose too much for fat, but if you have some mix-ins like spinach, chilies, etc, then just make your burgers a tad bigger, say 5oz apiece before grilling/cooking.
    Hope that helps, have a delicious day!

  3. Trixie :

    Thanks Joyln!
    I’ve been doing great Zoning, but eating Paleo foods. Your recipes are awesome!!

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