Monday 091207

"The Bear"

Five rounds of:

7 Sets of the bear sequence

Power clean

Front squat

Push press

Back squat

Push Press

Rest between rounds as needed.  Once you have started the sequence, the barbell cannot rest on the ground – the sequence is "touch and go".  Increase the load each round to end on max weight. 

Compare to December 17th 2008.

Post load to comments.


Dan provided surprise live entertainment at the Festivus.

What is the difference between a good day at the gym and a bad day?  Is it how much we slept the night before?  What we've eaten?  Yes those, but could it also be related to what we've been thinking?  Do you play mental games with yourself before and during a workout?  If you see a WOD that has double unders and snatches are you already convinced that it is going to be terrible?  If deadlifting is your nemesis do you tell yourself you'll just go easy today?  When you do have a super star performance what links that to other best performances you've had?

We can tell you one thing, when looking at high-level athletes and their BEST performances they all seem to have common threads.  Sure they all train hard and often, but did you realize that they also have their thoughts on their side?  It has been shown time and time again that being free from negative or self-defeating thoughts and worry, not only improves performances but delivers peak performances.

Here are a few mental tips before going into your next challenging workout or competition:

  • Focus on what you know you can do, not on what you know you can not do. If you "can't" do double unders, you know that you can stay focused, relaxed, keep the rope spinning and attempt every ___ jumps.  You can work to get them. Focusing on the "I can't" will never get you to the "I can". 
  • Don't focus on "winning" or beating others, this believe it or not delivers sub par performances.  If you are focusing on beating other your head isn't in the game. Focus on your game, know yourself well enough to know what your body can do and push beyond those limits. Be as good as you know you can be, each round, each run and each pull-up.  This will give you far greater satisfaction and performance increases.
  • During your workout or competitions stay focused, when you lose focus re-focus and keep re-focusing until the end.
  • Don't fret about things that are out of your control (adapt and get better); my jump rope broke, the pull-up bar is to close to the wall, I had to stop for a car to cross, I stepped in dog poop, etc…  Get a new jump rope,  learn to push your chest through, sprint when the car passes, take your shoes off and focus on what you can control and you will feel good and do great.

Next time you have a great performance, stop and evaluate what was different about this day, this WOD, this competition.  What was your mental state?  Next time you face a challenging WOD, bring your mental and physical game.


  1. Elizabeth :

    Of course I have to miss “Bear”! You all have fun. This is one of my favorites!

  2. Matt :

    I wish I could be there for this one… a favorite for sure. So taxing – the above blog definitely speaks to a person’s ability to max out their Bear sequence.

  3. Cherie :

    I love this workout. completed 103 failed on 118. shouldn’t have been so greedy. Still a 10# PR. Great job 4:30 class and thanks for your help Amy. BTW Amy PR’d by 50#’s. Yeah that right, 50#’s.

  4. 50lbs?!? Amy’s turning up the heat lately. Great job!

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