30 – 25 - 20 - 15 - 10 - and 5 rep rounds for time of:

Virtual shoveling, 45# (25#)


With an Olympic bar holding only one 45# plate (25#), touch the plate on one side of the barrier, then the touch the other side of the barrier for one 'rep'.  The barrier is 24" tall.

Compare to November 30th, 2008.

Post time and thoughts to comments.


You asked for it, here it is: your chance to caption this photo.  Post captions to comments.

Who's ready for a new CrossFit Verve t-shirt design?  We're going to print new shirts before the regional games competition so that participants and spectators alike can show their CFV pride.  We'll come up with the design, but we'll let you drop the hook.  Got something catchy to say?  You know where to post it.  If we pick yours, you get a t-shirt.

Sometimes you're just in the zone:


  1. Dan :

    We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing. –George Bernard Shaw

  2. Mas :

    Leet: looking in his shorts for that gluten free cookie

  3. Joylyn :

    Everyone is thinking to themselves, “I don’t think I can do your new dynamic stretch down there, Cherie!”

  4. Joylyn :

    Good video. I wish I was there to do this WOD, although if I remember correctly, the last time, it was snowing in the park! Oh how I miss those days sometimes. Kinda ironic that it’ll be warm and sunny indoors for you all.
    Paleo firehouse meals day 1 = success! Quote of the day, “I think I can do this paleo thing after all!”

  5. Emmalee :

    Shirt Idea: Viva la VERVE! It’s catchy!
    Lol, what is Leet doing? Mas might be right.

  6. Cherie :

    Joylyn – What did you make them?
    I made the stew last night, I really liked it though I would use olive oil instead of coconut milk next time.
    Tonight I made a mexican slaw, mashed cauliflower and a chicken curry. All were yummy I’ll post the receipes this week.
    Made the ice cream to see if it would make Matt feel better. I’m not a hugh fan.

  7. Joylyn :

    Cherie–I made jambalaya lunch, and dinner was salmon with fruit salsa and bacon wrapped asparagus bundles. Yumm! My ice cream turned out bad though. Will have to try that one again.
    Happy Birthday Mas!!!!! I’m at work, so please feel free to give him an extra big kick in the *** for me 🙂

  8. James :

    “Get your Verve on.”
    Yesterday’s WOD: 18:56 (sub PUs and dips) and 5K: 27:56

  9. Emmalee :

    Happy birthday mas !!!!!!!

  10. Jeff :

    Dang board suckered me again, making that WOD look so easy when it kicked my butt!!!
    As rx’d 18:18

  11. Tammer the Crossfit Hammer :

    So heres a few T-Shirt Quote Ideas:
    Crossfit Verve
    “Master of All Trades”
    Crossfit Verve
    “The First Step to Recovery is Intensity”
    Crossfit Verve
    “Chuck Norris Approved”
    Crossfit Verve
    “If your not Working you Hardest, Somewhere someone is! And when Verve meets you WE WILL BEAT YOU!”
    Crossfit Verve
    “Snatch for Snatch”
    Crossfit Verve
    “Your Workout is our Warm-Up”
    Crossfit Verve
    “Do you Lift 300lbs? Can you run a Marathon?
    Crossfit Verve
    “The Only Time its OK to Snatch for Time!”
    “FINALY, Snatch for time is a Good Thing”
    “The ONLY Time Snatch is Dreaded!”
    “The ONLY Time a Good Snatch just SUCKS!”
    Crossfit Verve
    “Our WODs will Blow You Away!”
    “Our WODs get you WET!”
    Crossfit Verve
    “WOD: PUSH PRESS – SNATCH – CLEAN JERK – Max Rounds till Failure”
    LOL! They only got worse so I stopped there. I dont think I will be winning the free t-shirt! LOL!

  12. tiff :

    tammer…..those are fan-frickin-tastic!! i racked my brain for like five whole min trying to get one…and it was so shoddy i couldn’t post it… awesome!
    this is interesting…definition of verve:
    Date: 1697
    1 archaic : special ability or talent
    2 a: the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance : vivacity b: energy , vitality
    that’s really quite a fitting name when i think about the spirit and enthusiasm all in our group show every day!!

  13. Joylyn :

    Day 2 Paleo at the firehouse:
    Breakfast–egg scramble with bell peppers and leftover salmon
    Lunch–leftover jambalaya (hotter and better than ever)
    Dinner–Flank steak with pineapple salsa, Indian green beans, cherry/almond salad.
    Crew Verdict = tasty, need some easy protein/snacks next time, to be continued next tour! The idea of having jambalaya every tour has come up. hmmmmm.
    Hammer Tammer–you crack me up. Tiff–very true, it’s such a great family to be a part of.

  14. Chris :

    Today was my first prescribed WOD without a modification and it felt great, until then end when the waves of nausea approached, finished strong in 21 minutes. I now have a new respect for people who move concrete for a living.
    Is gluten free bread paleo friendly?

  15. Tammer :

    I actually asked the same question today. Matt said no.

  16. Matt :

    T(H)ammer, I love them. I’m liking the first the most. Tiff, I like the idea of the definition being the slogan.
    “Gluten free” products are going to off-limits for the next 6 weeks unless it falls under:
    Lean meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, not sugar (or substitutes). Somehow, I bet most of these products may elminate grain – but NOT sugar. Take a peek.
    Oh, questions about agave and honey – off limits for 6 weeks.
    Keep up the great work Cavemen and Cavewomen.

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