"The Bear"

Five rounds of:

7 Sets of the bear sequence

Power clean

Front squat

Push press

Back squat

Push Press

Rest between rounds as needed.  Once you have started the sequence, the barbell cannot rest on the ground – the sequence is "touch and go".  Increase the load each round to end on max weight. 

Compare to Thursday December 18th.

Post load to comments.


Jake and Sarah enjoying yesterday's fine chipper.

Lots and lots of questions about CFV's new location.  Yes, we are long overdue as far as the timeline goes.  Are we upset about it?  A little.  At the same time, we still have a home and we'll keep dishin' out the WOD's day after day.  The new location is ready for us as soon as the fire alarm system is reinspected, so we'll let you know as soon as we know anything.

The most common question that we get about the new space is our hours of operation.  We'll be holding 8 classes a day ranging from early morning classes, starting at 6am, to evening classes until 7:30pm.  If you have any special requests, or if you feel very strongly about a certain time, please post to comments.  This includes any non-CFV member that is interested in joining.  Make your opinion known.

Cookie: PVC "Fran" for time.


  1. Danimal :

    Holy freakin crap! The bear is a bear! And seems to have a high impact, challenging LOTS of muscles in a unique way!

  2. Britt :

    Whoa — Emm and I are whiped-out from today’s WOD. feels fantastic!
    A request regarding new WOD hours — I really hope that you’ll be able to offer a class at either 6:30 or 7 a.m. Thx much.

  3. Matt :

    That’s 1 for 7am.
    Glad you’ve had such great results Britt and Emily. Dedication and persistance pays off!

  4. James :

    I’d like a class at noon. And a shower. And those moist towelettes to dab my face with when I perspire. And some flavored water, maybe lemon or kiwi? And a masseuse on staff.
    What? That’s not the kind of gym you’ve built? All right, I’ll take a 4:30 class and a lot of pain.

  5. Doug :

    I’d love to have a class start at 8:15 am! I drop my kids off at school right at 8, so getting there by 8 (or before), is going to be tough. 8:30am if people like more round start times?

  6. Cherie :

    James I think we can arrange all that. Also we will have a complimentary car wash while you work out.

  7. cherie :

    Hey guys, thanks to Jordan at CF Overload Matt and I make a cameo appearence in the mainsite CF evolution video today. See if you can find us. Matt is in the video 3 times (don’t blink). Also, see if you can find Annie doing her famous 25 pull-ups, while 7 months prego. Thanks Jordan for a tear-jerking video of CrossFit’s evolution

  8. Joylyn :

    8 classes a day maybe? That’s awesome! I like an 0830 class, coming off duty from work makes it easy. I’ve also liked the 0930 class too.
    Do I see a car-washing WOD in our future?
    Very cool video link. It’s inspiring, one to keep.

  9. Emmalee :

    I like the 6:00 am classes. I also like the ones throughout the day depending on the work day. But trust me you guys make a class time I will be sure to fit in to my schedule!!!!!

  10. lil :

    the earlier the better. can’t wait. lil

  11. Emmalee :

    So I was unable to this workout this first time it was offered. But I did it today only going to a Hang clean position for my round to end. I did 55, 65, 75,75, 75. I tried 85 but my shoulder kept popping making it uncomfortable to do 7 rounds.

  12. cherie :

    Elizabeth 80#
    Sandy 55#
    Anna 95# (10# increase)
    Mark 95#
    Tom M 135#
    Alan 115#
    Cheresa 80# (20# increase)
    Joylyn 80# (15# increase)
    Flip 85#
    Shelby 65#
    Doug 95# (+1k row)
    James 135#
    Gerson 115#
    Mike C 115# (30# increase)
    Lisa 55#
    Sherry 25#
    Melissa 25#
    Chelsea 65#
    Jake 70#
    Sarah 70#
    Tiffany 2/8/09 WOD – 19:55
    E#1 Dan 16:37 4rds 500m row 25 WB 20#
    E#4 Tammer “Fran” 16:43 (2 bands, 35#)
    Great job everyone. All those who repeated this WOD saw increase loads. Welcome Dan to your first elements. Tammer congrats on finishing elements and joining the crew.
    Have a great night

  13. Matt :

    Great job guys!!! Glad to see the dramatic increases on those who repeated the Bear. 30# Mike? Great!
    We’ll take the hours suggestions into account and let everyone know by the end of the week what the new hours will be. Thanks for the suggestions.
    I’ve got 3 more days of my 7 days of rest. I’m itchin’ for a WOD!

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