For time:

Start with 50 Double unders

Then, 4 rounds of:

25 Push press, 65# (45#)

25 Push-ups

25 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)

Finish with 50 double unders

Post time to comments.


Mas enjoying his cookie.

This week the plumbing is being installed in our permanent home on 38th, followed by the bathroom and storage closet.  The pull-up bar system is built and being powder coated, but should be installed by early next week.  After that, we will mat the floors and paint… and then it is all yours.  We will look to the CFV community to make it their home, as it is as much yours as it is ours.  You will spend a lot of time there and we want it to have a touch of you in it.  Can you tell we are excited?

"The word "diet" is loaded with assumed infringements on personal freedom.  True, discipline is required to change habitual eating patterns, but what about the effort and fortitude to face the WOD with all you have?  Apply what you have learned and practiced on the gym floor to your eating.  They are pieces of the same puzzle – complementary, intertwined, and essential to the pursuit of true fitness." – Rob Miller, Zone on the Rocks.


  1. Amy :

    First: Matt, I laughed out loud reading your response to my questions about the active stretching. Poor little Cherie with her sausage fingers getting blasted with balls!
    Second: Thank you so much Cherie and Luke for staying after last night and allowing me to get my WOD in. I called Cherie twice yesterday on the way to the gym and tried to get out of the workout but she refused to let me…..and, as Cherie promised, I felt 100% better after I finished. You guys are awesome! Thanks for caring about me more than I care about me!
    Third: I am so excited for the gym to open!!! I propose a gym opening party of some kind. Possibly Zone potluck style after an amazing WOD? Any thoughts?

  2. James :

    Thank God we did dynamic stretching — that made the workout easy.

  3. Amy, to answer statement 3 – we are planning a grand opening for mid-to-late Feb. We are planning on having Zone snacks, WOD’s for beginners and Ververs, and maybe a little additional fun.
    James, glad to hear that the dynamic stretching had such a profound impact on your WOD. Next time I will throw dodgeballs at you while you work out. Cherie loves that – you might too. It was good to see you, you should come in more often.
    Matt 13:07
    Lisa 29:17 (35#, 8kg)
    Luke 17:28
    Alan 26:09
    James 27:30 (singles)
    Chelsea 26:03 (12kg)
    Britt 28:30 (12kg, 20#, singles)
    Anna 20:49
    Jake 25:53 (20kg)
    Joylyn 30:07
    Elizabeth 26:44 (12kg)
    Amy 29:38
    Jared 21:02
    Dan 18:29
    Erin 17:54
    Leet 46:06 (45#, 20kg)
    Nicole 10:02 (35#, green/white band)
    Baseline +Row
    Sherry 13:55

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