Five rounds for time:

30 Box jumps, 24" (20")

25 Ball slams, 15# (12#)

20 Wall balls, 20# (15#)

Post time to comments.


Joei, celebrating the upcoming holidays by doing "Annie". 

Today was our first day at Altitude Peak Fitness, our temporary location until CFV HQ construction is completed.  Things that are awesome about working out indoors: the temperature is controlled by a thermostat, the bathroom is not a tree down by the river (seriously!), you don't have to start with four layers and strip down to two as you warm up, no dog shit, no hail pelting you in the face while doing overhead squats, no more random dogs sniffing your face while doing sit ups,… I could go on forever.

Things that I'll miss about working out at Commons Park:the beautiful pictures, Ben looking like "Pigpen" after the WOD, being able to pee on a tree down by the river (seriously!), the great runs, the look on bystander's faces when they watched us kettlebell snatch in 6" of snow, the fresh air, and the skate park kids asking if they could try whatever we were doing that day.  But most of all, I'll miss the CFV crew out there in the elements working out so damn hard, they didn't notice the weather conditions.  It felt good to do something outrageous on a day to day basis, didn't it?

Do you have any to add to the list? 

Celebrating successes:

 029  053

Alan and Anna Anderson were CFV's first members.  Six weeks ago, they sat down with us to get into the Zone.  To date, Alan has lost 3" of his waist and lost 6% of his beginning body fat.  He has gained 8lbs of lean muscle mass!  Anna has lost 6" from her hips (2" from her waist), lost 10% of her body fat, and gained 11lbs of lean muscle mass.  Over the last month, the Anderson's have consistently used the prescribed weights during workouts.  They're hard work and dedication is evident in their performance on a day to day basis, as well as how damn good they look.

Come join CrossFit Verve and discover results-based fitness!


  1. Cass :

    Anna and Alan, you guys truly are inspiration and you both look AMAZING!!

  2. Alan :

    Thanks Cass! You know as well as we do that if it was not for Matt and Cherie calling us names, throwing things at us, and occasionally whipping us when no one was looking…that we would never look this good!
    J/K! It really is a wonderful thing that we have found here with Verve! We are just addicted to the atmosphere, the people, and the workouts! I know in the long run, it is the work that each of us does that produces results. However, Anna and I both believe that if you surround yourself day in and day out with people like we have here at Verve….you just can’t help but see amazing results!

  3. JaRed :

    Alan & Anna, Congrats on the measurable success and results. I am proud and challenged by you two every excersize. Thanks for the hard work, commitment to Verve, and for being a part of the community.
    I have a feeling tonight’s workout is going to hurt… Lets go!

  4. Joylyn :

    Anna and Alan–you both look awesome, and you keep performing so strongly! Thanks, because it is fun to workout with you.
    WOD @ MVFPD St 6
    Box jumps (24″)
    Ball slams and Wall balls (12#)
    Only slight delirium from workout or diesel (not sure which)
    Peers didn’t want to post their times
    Day 1 of Zone down

  5. Matt :

    Ben 24:20
    Kiley 19:32 (step ups, 12# WB)
    Mas 29:17
    Anna 26:16
    Cass 16:24 (steps, 4# WB, 3rds)
    Liz 27:15 (some steps, 4# WB)
    Hillary 27:51 (steps, 10#)
    Steff 26:10 (steps, 8#)
    Emmalee 26:01 (15#/10# WB)
    Dan 17:55
    Mike 25:58 (15# WB)
    Jared 24:40
    Kristin 26:09 (12# WB)
    Cheresa 22:31 (15#/10# WB)
    Amy 27:17 (10# WB)
    Matt 17:30
    Cherie 24:18
    That was a tough one, well done! It was a total enduro WOD.

  6. cherie :

    Joylyn great job on the WOD today and on your first day of zoning!!!
    Congrats to Ben and Anna for getting kipping pull-ups on the rings.
    Congrats also to Amy and Jared for ring pull-ups, YEAH for ring pull-ups!!!!

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