5 rounds for time:

15 Knees to elbows

7 Thrusters 135# (85#)

Post time and thoughts to comments.

Remember that the beauty of CrossFit workouts is that they are universally scalable.  If the thrusters are too heavy at 135 pounds, lighten the load to a manageable weight.  The magic happens when you apply intensity to your workouts.  However, don’t cheat yourself from the experience… it’s supposed to be HARD!

Below is a video created by Paula and Jordan of CrossFit by Overload.  This is what it is like to go to a week long seminar with CrossFit.  We learned a ton.  I think my favorite part is Matt dancing, or maybe Lisa saying F**k ’em, or maybe Anthony sitting on the "core" ball, or maybe Joey cranking out all those thrusters, non stop, until the last man was back from the "Whiskey Row" workout (that was about 25 minutes of thrusters).  Either way, thanks for a great time and all the support.

Turnkey Seminar from Jordan Gravatt on Vimeo.


  1. Matt :

    Alan: 14:15 (85#)
    Anna: 14:15 (65#)
    Nice job today guys. You showed a lot of heart, as I’m sure you are totally beat to hell after the last few days.
    Anna, we’ll see you tomorrow – glutton for pain.

  2. Corey :

    If I remember correctly, I got this in 12:53. However, the time is not impressive in the least. What’s impressive is that I can sit up in bed.

  3. Matt :

    Constantly varied, functional movements done with high intensity that help you sit up in bed. THAT’S WHAT CROSSFIT IS ALL ABOUT!

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