Snatch, test for 1 rep max

Then, five rounds for time of:

30 Sumo deadlift high pulls, 65#/45#

15 Pull-ups
Post time to comments.


Mike Ware with his eye on the prize during "Murph".

The sumo deadlift high pull is an incredibly functional movement, especially for so many of us at the Verve who work in the public safety or health care fields. Think about it: if you have to lift an ambulance cart up, what are you doing?  Aren't your legs in a wider stance, with your arms inside of your legs?  Is your back locked out to prevent injury?  Don't you pull up on the ambulance cart after extending your legs?  You're sumo deadlift high pulling.  What if a patient (or child, or bag of groceries) is on the ground, and you have to lift them up off the ground?  You most likely would bend down, arms inside of your legs, and grab onto either their legs or under their armpits, stand up and contract your arms to get the patient as high off the ground as possible.  Again, another example of a SDLHP.  
Considering how often this movement is used in real life, it's remarkable how many people get injured doing it.  Why?  It can normally be narrowed down to this: either a person's hips or abdomen are not strong enough to support the movement, leaving the lower back to shoulder too much of the load.  Practicing multiple reps at a lighter weight will help build the strength to keep your core tight, and your hips powerful.  Don't be another back injury statistic.  It's prevention through practice.  
More congrats are in order for all those who completed "Murph" today.  It is a sheer test of strength and courage… you have to be a fighter to get through this one.  We had some incredible drops in time.
Gerson dropped his time from 56:35 w/20#vest to 50:36,
Sara dropped her time from 58:00 to 47:10,
Alan dropped his time from 49:20 w/20#vest to 46:17,
Jen Wiman dropped her time from 1:03:52 with a blue band to 51:16 with a red band
Mel-Z dropped her time from 52:29 to 42:31. 
Mike Leet had the fasted body weight time of 38:22
Matt J. had the fastest 20# vest time with 41:41 
Also, a shout out to Mas is in order for completing w/20#vest.
We also had 15 athletes complete "Murph" for the 1st time; Jake, Catherine, Mike W., James W. w/20#vest, Rob, Amanda K., Mike Canning, Cheresa, Jack, Monique, Matt J. w/20#vest, Tiffany, Mary, Mike Leet and Mark. 


  1. leslie :
  2. Thanks Leslie!
    Hey, way to go fellow Murphers yesterday! Ya’ll are badasses! Now Murph isn’t quite so scary anymore. Can only get better 🙂

  3. Tiff :

    word, cat. =)
    holy strict paleo land. i am going through withdrawals.

  4. Hey Matt and Cherie~
    As discussed, we know the bathroom scale at Verve tends to give multiple readings in the same session (we’re talkin’ differences in pounds up and down argh!). My parents have had a doctor’s scale for quite some time and in looking up purchasing one for myself, I figured I’d pass this on as it gets good reviews on Amazon. Might be a worthy investment 🙂 Just a suggestion!

  5. Wiman :

    It helps to drop time when you haven’t consumed alcohol the night before!!! 🙂

  6. Emily :

    ~hi Matt & Cherie — just wanting to check-in and make sure that we can bring a friend to experience all of the sweat & glory of Crossfit at this upcoming Sat, Sept. 26th 11 a.m. class. ok?

  7. Derek :

    Today’s WOD was a lot harder than it looked like it was going to be. I was disapointed that I had to move to a heavier band to finish the pull ups but felt good about not letting my ego get it the way and to do things right (chin over the bar on every rep) and not do anything half assed. The snatch is always hard for me thanks to Luke for showing me the split leg landing it helped a lot. An awesome rainy day at the Verve

  8. gerson :

    dang it! cant make the camping trip with weekend guys… hey Andersons n all, if you guys plan for camping some other time… drop a line

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