Overhead squat, test for 1RM

Then, for time:

45 Double unders

45 Dumbell push press, 40#/25#

45 Pull-ups

45 Double unders

Post time to comments.


Chelsea setting up the deadlift.

The Overhead Squat

The overhead squat is the ultimate core exercise, the heart of the snatch, and peerless in developing effective athletic movement.

This functional gem trains for efficient transfer of energy from large to small body parts, the essence of sport movement. For this reason it is an indispensable tool for developing speed and power.

The overhead squat also demands and develops functional flexibility, and similarly develops the squat by amplifying and cruelly punishing faults in squat posture, movement, and stability.

The overhead squat is to midline control, stability, and balance what the clean and snatch are to power, unsurpassed.

– From CrossFit Journal Issue 36


  1. Jeff McDowell :

    Still working on linking double unders and my pull ups. My pull ups are getting better for the up portion but I’m struggling to keep the motion once I push away from the bar to kip right back up.
    Sub’d doubles for 100 singles and did 30# dumbbells….

  2. Rosa :

    Great potluck yesterday! Can I get the recipe for the Stuffed Bell Peppers and the Shredded Spicy Pork? Sorry I didn’t have a chance to write anything down before we headed out.

  3. Yeaaah…. Better yet, send all the recipes with a photo to and I’ll post them to the fuel page so that everyone can enjoy. I have never had gespacho before and it was yuuuummmmy.
    Jeff, keep up the good work – send a picture!

  4. cherie :

    Had a great time at the gymnastics cert this weekend. Can’t wait to apply to the gym and you crazt athletes.
    Bummed I missed the potluck, heard the spead was awesome.

  5. Anna :

    The Andersons go head to head in OH squats! Alan thinks he can beat me! Is this the Alan we all know who hates OH squats, we shall see. Showdown at 1730!

  6. cherie :

    Bummed I’m at work, I’d love to see this one. Matt you must get a picture.

  7. Damn you doubleunders! Daaaammmnnnn youuuuuu!!! Glad to have a rest day tomorrow. I was spent today after yesterday’s deal. Add doubleunders to a ripped palm and taxed upper body and my attitude left a lot to be desired. PFFFTTT!!!
    Back at it Wednesday.
    Good job to all @ the Noon class today :).

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