Three rounds, 21-15-9 for time of:

Dumbell squat clean and thrusters

Chest slapping push-ups

Post time to comments.


The sign says it all.

The workouts we do are more than simple workouts – they are tests of capacity at random tasks, they tests of mental fortitude, they are what make us strong, and they are what make us different from everyone else.  What's absolutely spectacular about our workouts is that they give us confidence.  How can they not?  We brave pain that most people spend the majority of their live avoiding.  But why?

By reaching deep inside ourselves day in and day out, suddenly the smaller things in life seem so much simpler and less significant.  Whether its performing a small task like carrying in the groceries, or a large project like splitting up a concrete walkway and disposing of the cement – our preparation makes these seem like a breeze.  Prepare for life – be a CrossFitter.


  1. randy 5280 :

    congratulations to matt for your awesome showing at the games!! you made all of colorado proud. verve you guys rocked the affiliate challenge and did a great job, alo got some good face time on the video that overload made. you all should be proud.
    randy from crossfit 5280 and the rest of our crew

  2. James :

    I don’t want to take anything away from the Games and the incredible competitors that performed some amazing feats, but I do have to raise one issue that I don’t think Matt would ever raise himself. A lot of people are objecting to the scoring because of the weighting that Day 1 received over Day 2 and the fact that Jason Khalipa performed so brilliantly on Day 2 but couldn’t overcome one bad performance in the first event. I think that complaint is somewhat valid (although if you weight everything, I think Mikko still ends up beating Jason), but I think it’s even more valid with respect to Matt getting screwed out of a place in the finals.
    Two issues occurred in the scoring (in my mind): First, for every tie, they awarded each person the top score. In other words, if 16 people tied for first (as happened in the deadlift workout), those people each got 1 point. This biased the results towards those who are great at deadlift, particularly given the low (for these guys) top weight of 505. The appropriate scoring in my mind would have been to award each of the 16 who tied for the top 8.5 points (the weighted average of the top 16).
    Second, when competitors were cut from future workouts, the scoring inappropriately (in my mind) weighted the early workouts with the larger number of competitors. It is impossible to statistically correct for this issue because its possible that you’re just cutting out the people who would have finished at the bottom of the next workouts (and not impacted the scoring) and it’s possible that you’re cutting the people who would have won the next workouts (and heavily impacted the scoring). The only solution to this problem would have been to not cut any competitors. Given that they did, the most appropriate thing, in my mind, would have been to weight the points awarded in subsequent workouts to correct on a pro rata basis for this issue.
    If you make these corrections to the scoring, Matt’s top 16 and advances to three workouts that I, for one, think he would have killed. I’m not saying he would have won the whole thing. . . but I’m not saying he wouldn’t either. So I’m going to continue to believe that The Matt Chan is the Fittest Man in the World. And it’s not just because it helps me live with myself every time he does a WOD twice as fast as I do.
    (By the way, I actually don’t have too much time on my hands, I just think about stuff too much.)

  3. Dan :

    That is one badass picture.

  4. Kevin Montoya :

    Great job at the games Verve!!!

  5. Catherine :

    James, you’re way better at math than I. I think it’s definitely just amazing on its own that people get to that level of fitness anyway. Takes a ton of grit to do so.
    Way to go guys!
    Oh and today’s WOD hurt, in a good way. Thanks for always cheering me on my friends and thanks for kicking my ass Luke! Keep making me pick those weights up when I’m tired and telling me to get down deeper into the squat. You guys have a great way of showing people they can do more. Oh and thanks to James for running with me around the block, you inspired me to run the WHOLE THING and not walk! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! That’s a friggin’ milestone people! So stoked!

  6. Leslie :

    Great job Matt! You must be so proud of yourself… And indeed you deserve every crumb of each tweleve doughnuts 🙂
    Super job team verve! Way to represent!
    Personally, I am enjoying way too much texmex cuisine, but no worries, I am sweating off what feels like pounds walking from the car to the next air conditioned bldg.

  7. Catherine :

    Oh and Anna… you’re a badass. Awesome pic!

  8. Matt :

    James, awesome post though I don’t necessarily agree with all of your complaints. One thing I did agree with wAs the deadlift scoring- I thought that was a little weird. I also would have liked to see some technical gymnastics movements (ie muscle ups or HSPUs) early on to weed out some of the riff raff. Overall wonderful event that was amazing to be a part of. True test of fitness in all metabolic phases and tested all of the ten physical skills that make up total fitness. I’ll tell you all about when I see you next. Right now…. Santa Cruz.
    What no luv for posting the wod?!? come now Leslie…

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