Three rounds for time:

30 Squat cleans, 95# (65#)

30 Pull-ups

800m Run

Post time to comments and record in logbook.


Steve Deckrow lunging duringa WOD last week.


  1. Matt :

    Happy birthday Noel!

  2. Amy Schaeffer :

    I really wish I would not have Edward Forty-Hands it this weekend in Dayton but there’s really nothing else to do there……
    As for Tramp. Dodgeball, it will only be fair if Matt ties one hand behind his back(the dominant one),wears a weighted vest, and silky/slippery socks. I think it’s time Cherie gets her revenge-this time it will be Matt crying in the corner while he is pelted with balls.

  3. Milk :

    It looks like you’re still crushing times out there! Can’t wait to see your qualifier results and get to see you and Cherie at the games this year. We just had our qualifier here in southern Cal. First time competing, It was a blast. Go get-em brother.

  4. Lisa Ward :

    RAFTING will be awesome this year! Just returned from a weekend of fun in Vail and the rivers will be running high and fast due to all the snow. I would love for everyone to come rafting in June. Too soon to tell how high the water will be but, June is the best month to raft in Colorado. Anyone can come, no experience necessary. I would like to take you all on a class 4 trip. If you can cross fit, you can raft class 4! However, if you or someone you would like to bring along cannot swim or is uncomfortable with big water, we can arrange several different trips at the same time, just different sections of river. I can arrange a family float trip for you if you have children who would like to go too! More details to follow in the coming month. The Fort Collins trip would be on the Poudre River, Vail would be the Eagle for any among you who are boaters. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

  5. rich :

    Trying this out here on the blackberry! So, there is no possible way to eat paleo or zone here so my diet has gone to hell here in Texas! We are geared up with about 60 pounds of equipment when we are out training! The training has been great so far, but nothing physically challenging yet, its coming though! I know I will be ready for that from working out at the verve! I can wait to get back for some wod’s! Hope everyone is doing great!!!

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