Hang power clean from the mid-thigh 3 x 4 reps @ 50% 1RM

Then, as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

30 Squats

15 Dumbell split jerks, 40#/25#

Post rounds to comments.


Cheresa getting ready for ski season.

December Foundations will start Monday, November 30th at 7:30pm.

Our Foundations Program is for individuals that want to ramp up into our fast paced group CrossFit classes by learning the majority of the movements that we commonly do during our workout of the day(s).  This program will meet 3 days a week for 4 consecutive weeks, with a limit of 8 people per class. The movement curriculum is sequential and attendance to all sessions is fundamental to gaining the necessary proficiency and preparation for our group workout of the day classes.  Oh, not to worry, you'll get a workout at the end of every Foundations session.

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The cost for this month program is $200 and our next Foundations Course starts November 30th at 7:30pm and meets Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:30pm, last class of the month is December 30thThis class is mandatory in order to join the group classes.  If the schedule time and dates do not work for you, or you are on a fast track to get into the WOD (workout of the day), we offer four personal training sessions at $65 per session to get you ready.  All Foundations classes that fall on a holiday will not take place (you still get 12 classes in all).

Athletes that have gone through the Foundations Course – what did ya think?  Tell the world and post to comments.


  1. Joylyn :

    Did this wod today on duty with minimal interruptions–7.5 rds as rx’d. It got hard standing up tall with that weight overhead from the bottom of the split jerk–sheesh! Did the HPC with 75lbs, feeling the shrug today.

  2. Luke :

    Did “Eva” today, the first time doing it as rx’d. My time wasn’t too impressive: 45:00. But hey, I got through it. It’s been a day of moral victories. 🙂

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