Monday 100208

Three rounds, 15-12-9 for time of:

Deadlifts, 285#/195# (60% of 1RM)

Double squat wall ball shots, 20#/14#

A double squat wall ball shot is a standard wall ball shot with an air squat added while the ball travels to the 10' target.

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Meet Pat Sherwood… you should see what happens when he gives 100%!  Stay tuned for more about Pat.

Deadlifting is as natural of a movement as walking.  Lifting objects off the ground is required by nature in order to complete tasks we face in our daily lives.  For example, try to lift two grocery bags off the floor without utilizing a deadlift.  What about moving a heavy rock to another spot in your backyard?  Because of this we recommend deadlifting regularly and deadlifting heavy.

Let's talk about the keys to a great deadlift.  When setting up the deadlift, there are a few elements to keep in mind.  First, set up with the barbell over your mid-foot – think about covering the knot in your shoelaces with the bar.  Second, grab the bar and set your back in good position.  This position will lock in the neutral S shape of your spine.  Now that your back is nice and flat, lift your hips to a position that puts your shoulders slightly in front of the bar. 

Once we are set up, we are going to execute the deadlift by driving through the heels, lifting the chest and hips at the same rate of speed as the bar moves up the shins.  As the bar passes the knees, we drive the hips forward strongly until we reach a standing position, where our shoulders sit slightly behind the bar.  From this position, we simply reverse the movement, delaying knees bend until the bar passes below the knee. 


  1. Jeremy :

    4:50 with a couple of modifications: 1. Deadlift at 205# because I am a weenie, and; 2. I only have a 12# ball and a 9 and 1/2 foot wall to work with, so I did single wall ball shots and doubled them up each round (30, 24 and 18).

  2. Danimal :

    Welcome Pat!

  3. bk :

    bk as rx’d 16:52

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