Monday 100215

Six rounds, at your leisure:

8 Dumbell squat cleans

20 Double unders

Post thoughts to comments.


Taq, poised to snatch from a stellar set position.

At Your Leisure?

Yeah, that's right – we're going against all things sacred and asking you to forego the emphasis on power output, time, and rounds this week and focus on form and fun.  We're not saying that we've seen technique being sacrificed to favor time, rather we'd simply like to spend a week improving your mechanics and having a little fun in class.  So this is your chance to come into the gym, let out a sigh of relief and learn how to move better.  Oh, don't worry, we'll return to your regularly scheduled program on Saturday.


  1. James :

    Uhhhh…what? I’m not familiar with this “leisure” thing to which you are referring.

  2. derek :

    Are we going to use those “shake it” weights? Seriously sounds like an awesome idea a whole week of working on skill and mechanics would do me for one a lot of good. Many times I have found as the workout goes on my mechanics get weak and I begin rely on strengths to compensate for weakness on form. looking forward to learning more this week.

  3. Alan :

    Can we actually have “more fun” at Verve!? Come on Not Possible!
    Taq….YOU ARE A STUD!

  4. Joylyn :

    Awesome setup and pic Taq!
    ps. Who is the hot chick in the background, looking so darn focused–woot woot!
    DB squat cleans pretty much always = *sooo* fun

  5. Sherry :

    Leisure.?.? + Crossfit… = confused.
    I’ll tell my ripped, blistered hands about leisure… You know… the blisters I show off when I brag about how great Crossfit is, and I did 100 pull ups, and have the blisters to prove it… those hands. Love bragging about CF… 😉

  6. Mas :

    I like to brag about how CF makes me feel. It makes me feel like I just went through a little part of hell. And you guys were there to share it with me. CF to me gives me a sense of a community, and I love hearing people talk about how their fitness and nutrition are having a positive effect on their lives.
    I love this idea of no clock! CF is about being constantly varied right?? Whether that is by varied movements, environments, or something as simple as no clock. Does this mean you are not going to give it your all? I hope not. Now we get to compete with the one and only competitor we need to be concerned about; ourselves.
    This is the time to work at a high intensity and have good form. I know when I am working at a high intensity, I tend to loose more form just like Derek. Which in the long run does not benefit me.
    Embrace the suck!

  7. Donna :

    I just received this email reminder from my farmshare:
    “2 More Weeks To Sign-up and Get The 5% Early Bird Discount:
    I wanted to quickly remind you that you have 2 more weeks to sign-up and get the Early Bird Discount of 5% on Veggie and Fruit Shares.”
    We’ve bought a share for 2 years now. Last year we got the “small share”, which I believe is now called the couple share. For $20 a week we got enough vegetables for the entire week (for the two of us and a toddler), plus we gave a lot away to the neighbors. They basically give you what they’ve picked that week. See their website for a list of vegetables they grow along with pick up locations (that are all over the state). Just so you know, with your farmshare also comes a little risk that the farm might get bad weather. Last year we had more than enough each week, but the year before the farm was hit by a hail storm and the pickins were slim for a few weeks. It’s all part of being part of the farmshare community. Last, for those of you (Cherie) that are a little worried about getting vegetables that you don’t know how to cook or (in my case) what they even are, the farm sends you an email each week telling you what is in the box and they even provide you with recipes.
    Here’s a link for more info. Oh, if you sign up please tell them Donna Pryor sent you. Feel free to post any questions.

  8. Okay Donna I’m doing it this year. Did you get the fruit and veggie share or just the veggie share?
    Thanks for this link.

  9. Donna :

    I did the fruit and vegetable the first year and the fruit was rotten by the time we received it (it’s mostly from the western slope and they had the delivery timing down wrong). That said, I’m told they got their act together last year but I wasn’t willing to risk it.
    The veggie share really saves money, plus you are buying locally (the farm is north of Fort Collins).

  10. Amanda K. :

    Loved today! Kept the intensity up but not maxed out and form was good. Felt really in control and strong. Good stuff!

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