Monday 100301

For max load:

Zercher squat 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 reps

Post max load to comments.

The rowing clinic was full of fun suprises

99% Is a Bitch; 100% Is a Breeze by Jack Canfield

“Successful people adhere to the “no exceptions rule”when it comes to their daily disciplines. Once you make a 100% commitment to something, there are no exceptions. It’s a done deal. Nonnegotiable. Case closed! Over and out.” ~ Jack Canfield from The Success Principles

This has been, by far, one of the most powerful Ideas I’ve ever seen integrated into daily life.  What are you committed to in your life? Waking up with the sun? Exercising daily? Eating real foods? Keeping a Paleo diet? Whatever it is, check in and see how committed you REALLY are.  And, know this: 99% is a bitch. 100% is a breeze.  Let’s say you decide that eating Paleo EVERY day will be your new ritual. You’ve done the research, see the benefits and decide to go for it. (Good decision, btw.) Now, if you have to think about whether or not you’re going to honor that commitment every day, there’s NO way you’re going to honor it. IM-POSS-UH-BLE.

You’re gonna have that little whiney voice pop in that says something along the lines of: “Oh! You deserve a little more variety than that caveman diet. Plus, it’s just a day. You deserve a day off. And those peeps who are so committed are way too rigid anyway. Relax. Be flexible.” 

So, figure out what daily practices define your destiny and then make your commitments to those rituals NON-NEGOTIABLE. Period. (Make that an exclamation point. Seriously. Try it out. It may sound harsh but it’s REALLY liberating. Frees up so much energy when you don’t need to think about whether today’s the day you’ll break.

-Thanks Monique for this great post, she adapted it to fit our Paleo Challenge from here.


  1. Matt :

    Awww, CrossFitters holding hands.

  2. Justin :

    100% is what I want.

  3. James :

    Your hands were a little rough, Matty. Pumice up next time.
    But seriously, that post is dead on. About eight years ago I was a smoker. I know, I know. I’d tried to quit many times, but I’d always said to myself, “quitting smoking is like, the hardest thing to do.” And I’d always started smoking again. In the summer of 2002, with the assistance of my lovely, soon-to-be-wife, I decided to just quit. That was it, I just wasn’t smoking.
    It was remarkably easy. It wasn’t like a WOD, where I actually have to push yourself to keep doing something through pain and stress. I just did. . . .nothing. I sat on my ass, went through my normal routine, but didn’t smoke.
    Long way of saying that this post really hit home for me, particularly in the middle of Paleo, which is much the same thing. Just don’t eat crap. That’s all. It’s not hard, just commit to it and stop feeling sorry for yourself.
    By the way, thanks all for showing up at the rowing seminar. I had a blast teaching it and I hope you all got something out of it.

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