Monday 100322

For time:

50 Squats

40 Med ball sit-ups

30 Lunges

20 Push-ups

10 Maneaters

1 Mile run

10 Maneaters

20 Push-ups

30 Lunges

40 Med ball sit-ups

50 Squats

Post time to comments.

IPhoto Library

Joylyn, one of many Verve athletes that competed at the Mountain Sectionals.

Today is the last day of the Paleo Challenge.  Over the next few days, we need to get new measurements, snap a new picture, and turn in a complete food log for the four week challenge.  We are excited to see what changes you've experienced – both physically and mentally.  

We find that many people not only experience positive changes in their appearance, but also experience change in their eating and cooking habits.  These challenges are simply stepping stones to getting you to make better choices on a daily basis.  This is our opportunity to convince you that eating meat, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar or substitutes is not the worst thing in the world.  Rather, eating these foods for a period of four weeks makes your body perform more efficiently and your mind think more clearly.  

So don't let the end of the Paleo Challenge stop you from eating a Paleolithic Diet.  Instead, let's keep this train a rolling and learn how to fuel our bodies even better.  Let's learn how to constantly vary our meals by breaking away from our treasure chest of safety meals… let's make something extravagant.  Keep it Paleo and send us a picture and recipe. 

Check out Paleo Steve's blog for ideas.


  1. Dan Y :

    Joylyn, I love that pic!

  2. Jesse Gilge :

    Just wanted to say thank for all the work put in for the sectionals, just awesome. Great WOD’s (heavy deads would’ve helped me though 🙂
    But seriously good programming and a sweet event. Truly sorted out the fittest while making it where everyone could workout, that can be a tough combo, you did it. Nice work, thanks!

  3. Tiffany :

    Joylyn…..that is an amazing picture!!!
    i still find myself simmering in a stew of successes, inspiration, emotions, and laughs from this weekend. all i can say is wow. and thank you. i am so grateful to be a part of this community.
    competitors—you blew me away this weekend with your fire, determination and positivity. each of you is such a great inspiration!
    volunteers—thank you for all your hard work and planning!!! it went so smoothly! (and the bathrooms always had tp) =)
    the chans—so well done, thank you for an amazing weekend.
    do i really have to work today? yikes.

  4. Matt and Cherie, you guys did an awesome job!!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it.
    Verve rocks.

  5. Thanks for EVERYTHING to EVERYONE!!! What a fantastic event! It went off without a hitch and I couldn’t imagine experiencing it with a better group of people.
    Thanks to Matt and Cherie for getting us prepared for the great showing. I repeat: we had the best form in our lifts and I was very proud to say I am a Verver. You guys rock!!!
    Thanks to the volunteers for EVERYTHING!!! I loved seeing so many friendly faces everywhere I turned. I was awesome. Love you guys!!!

  6. hehe… whoops, I mean IT was awesome. Geez. lol.

  7. Matt :

    Seriously, I’m riding a high right now…. sectionals and now a ZAC WOD!!! Ouch.
    Good to have you back Coach Zac, even if it is for a week.

  8. Nat Ridder :

    Hey CrossFitters,
    For those who are interested, there was an article about paleo diets and Crossfit in the Denver Post. The link is below. Thanks for the great WOD today Zach, it was fun.

  9. Amanda K. :

    So good to see you Zac! Always fun to work out with you.
    This weekend was so freaking awesome. You all rock so hard. Congrats to everyone. I had a hella good time.
    Matt and Cherie – you two are the bomb!

  10. Nisha :

    Matt and Cherie–
    You guys hosted an awesome event this weekend and your athletes did great. Hope you feel proud!
    Nisha @ CrossFit Roots

  11. Xacha :

    Yes it is a great day to be in Denver and to see all of your faces.

  12. Tim M. :

    CFV athletes Great job at sectionals. Look forward to working out and being around some amazing people again “Matt and Cherie” when I get back from deployment.

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