Monday 100419

Five rounds for time:

10 Power snatch, 115#/75#

20 Wall ball shots, 20#/14#

Post time to comments.

Joe Cruz, overhead and lovin' it!  

The Power Snatch

The snatch, when executed under heavy load, is normally received in a full squat.  The power snatch on the other hand, is received in a quarter squat with feet close to hip width. Let's review the set-up and execution details of the power snatch.

When setting up the snatch, go through this mental checklist.  First, set your feet at hip width with your body weight settled in the heels.  Next, reach down and grip the bar in your normal snatch grip, which includes a hook grip (right?).  Drop your hips to a level where your shoulders are over the barbell.  Lastly, flatten out your back to maintain the neutral s-shape of your spine and squeeze your chest up nice and high.  

Ready to pull?  Let's do it!  Start the first pull by deadlifting the bar and maintaining your back angle until the bar passes the knees.  To do this most effectively, think about pulling your knees back as you deadlift.  Next, as the bar passes the height of the knees, begin the second pull by violently extending the hips and reaching a long and tall position with straight arms.  You've done the hard work at this point.  Now you simply need to shrug and pull your elbows high and outside.

Here's where the snatch and the power snatch are different.  Instead of dropping under the bar and receiving it in a full squat, you simply pull a little harder and drop under the bar in a quarter squat.  Your feet do not need to change position, but you do need to stand up with the bar to complete the movement.  Make sense?  Something worth mentioning is that this is not a muscle snatch.  If you know what differentiates a muscle snatch from a power snatch… post to comments.  


  1. Dan :

    Joe, good work sir!

  2. Excellent work Joe!
    @ the Chans: Thanks for getting some Sectionals pictures up. Everyone looks strong and the quality if the pictures is fantastic! 🙂

  3. Donna :

    Check out the Food Revolution on (online TV sans commercials) if you have a chance. Jamie Oliver is trying to get one town in West Virginia to eat healthy. They seem to be more interested in being on reality TV than they are in vegetables, but I hope his experiment works. The number of school children drinking pink, sugar-filled milk is alarming!

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