Monday 100531

Back squat 5, 5, 5+ @ 65%, 75%, 85%

Followed by; 

10 Sumo deadlifts, 255#/165#
25 Hurdle jumps, 24"/20"

8 Sumo deadlifts, 255#/165#
20 Hurdle jumps, 24"/20"

6 Sumo deadlifts, 255#/165#
15 Hurdle jumps, 24"/20"

4 Sumo deadlifts, 255#/165#
10 Hurdle jumps, 24"/20"

2 Sumo deadlifts, 255#/165#
5 Hurdle jumps, 24"/20"

Post time to comments.


What the heck are these two doing?   

Below you'll find a spreadsheet that details your strength training workouts for the next 12-16 weeks.  These workouts will be done on Mondays and Fridays and will be followed by a short metcon that compliments the muscles used for the strength WOD.  Although this program removes a bit of the "constantly varied" component from our mantra, we have decided to add it anyway in order to lay a strength base for the rest of our programming.

We know that you'll find this program rewarding in the long run, but we encourage you to only do the numbers that the spreadsheet defines for you for that day – do not jump up because the load feels light.  This is a progressive loading program that works in 4 week waves, increasing in load every wave.  Depending on the success we have with this program, we may complete up to 4 waves totaling 16 weeks.  

Please save this spreadsheet to your computer and enter your 1 Rep Maxes on the "Start Page" and print out the workbook.  That will detail your percentages for the next 16 weeks.  If you don't know your 1RM for any of the four lifts, please talk to your trainer to schedule an opportunity to gather this information.

Download 2010StrengthProgramExcel.xls (128.5K)

If you or someone you know is looking to get started with CrossFit Verve, well now's your chance!  Check out the Events Page for information about a new program – CrossFit Verve Out of the Box.  Hurry, space is limited.


  1. Dan Y :

    you know, my 1200 page anatomy and physiology text book had a one sentence in it about the valsalva maneuver. I highlighted it.

  2. Matt :

    Ding, ding, ding – we have a winner!

  3. Trevor :

    Matt, is this based on the Wendler template? I have had great success on 5/3/1 and have just recently started the crossfit methods with it. However, I have been doing strength movements first followed by crossfit HQ as my assistance training. I have been a long time powerlifter, but have now drank the koolaid of crossfit. Should I keep my strength days for strength and crossfit for other days, ala MEBB? Or keep my strength/crossfit days?any suggestions?

  4. Matt :

    This is Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program, at least the foundations of it. We’ll be adding a few more Westside principles as we develop a foundation in the lifts… at which point we’ll begin adding load releasers and later, bands. We found that 5/3/1 is an excellent starting point for all athletes to develop the lifts.
    Trevor, I emailed you regarding your questions.

  5. Greg B. :

    They are both screaming, “Holy shit look at how much damn weight I am lifting, YO!!!

  6. Trevor :

    Matt, I tried to email you back hope you got it. I’m really interested in how you guys will implement the Westside principles into Crossfit. Box squatting for speed with bands, board presses, dynamic benches, reverse band presses, suspended goodmornings, tricep death training…all good stuff. I followed Louie’s work for 7 years and got very strong for me. Would have been a lot better off with some actual deload days, instead of smelling salts, blue heat, and elbow/knee sleeves. Looking forward to your programming in the future. Thanks for bringing the Louie’s conjugate system to the masses.

  7. yes.
    Thanks for these comments; we’re not quite sure what are causing the issue for some of you. Please keep letting us know about these issues so we can narrow down what is causing this problem.
    –I am trying to find the price of a book I have located,it is good.

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